Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) are an essential part of our Kansas City farm.  They effectively protect all of our poultry, cows and pigs from the myriad of predators that roam through and around our property.  We have two Great Pyrenees that work as a team and they each have their own distinct personalities.

Charlie is our male.  He is a large intimidating dog with a surprising amount of speed.  He can be fiercely protective, while also very gentle.  He enjoys pets from visitors, but then will keep his distance unless those pets continue.  He is usually the first to notice potential trouble.  His favorite hangout is the top of a large birm that overlooks the front of the farm.

Mara is a smaller Great Pyrenees.  She is much more affectionate and seemingly gentle.  However, on more than one occasion I have seen her be the one that ends up with the kill when it is time for business.  Also, she is the most annoyed by coyotes.  She will bark continuously at even the mention of a coyote! 

Mara has been a GREAT mother.  She is completely responsible for the care of her puppies and has done wonderfully well.  At first she diligently stays in her den.  As the weeks progress she spends more and more time outside the den and even takes up her night time protective duties.  She has just the right balance of nuturing her puppies and nurturing their independence.  Mara and Charlie both introduce them to the ways of LGDs.

If you would like to read about Mara and Charlie's adventures on our farm you can look here.  



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