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Free access to fresh pasture is key to raising delicious and nutritious chickenChicken has been a staple of American diets for hundreds of years.  This is because it is a nutritious and delicious meal.  However, modern day farming practices have radically changed and the chicken that is now consumed by millions of Americans is no longer nutritious or delicious.  Instead of chicken being produced by millions of farmers across America in small flocks with varied diets, they are raised by a few large corporations in "concentration camp" houses with 40,000 birds living crammed together in putrid conditions.

We want to produce something different.  We want to bring the chicken back to how they were raised by our Grandmother's Grandmother.  To the time when chicken was nutritious and delicious.

Cornish Cross - -- Price $4.75/#

Prairie Ranger -- Price $5.45/#

Heritage Breed --Price $5.45/#


What Breeds of Chicken do you raise?
We raise three different breeds of chickens at Synergistic Acres in order to cover a wide palette.  From the familiar and tender Cornish Cross, to the gourmet Prairie Ranger and the American tradition Barred Rock.  Each has its merits and deserves a special place on your dinner plate.

The Cornish Cross has become the standard American Broiler for most American families.  It grows quickly and produces lots of juicy tender breast meat.  Our birds are similar in shape to the bird you would buy at the grocery store, but that is where the similarities end.  Because of how we choose to raise the birds - outside and on fresh pasture daily, they become an entirely different bird from industrial-raised chicken.  The magic of clean sunshine and cleansing grass ensures these are healthier and more flavorful than any industrial bird you have ever tasted.

The Prairie Ranger chicken that we raise come from traditional French lineage.  Since the 1960’s, French farmers have focused on raising a gourmet strand of bird that is suited well for foraging outdoors and developing excellent meat characteristics.  While the Cornish Cross was selected over many years to be able to grow lots of juicy white meat, the Prairie Ranger chicken was designed to have a much more complex and firm meat.  They take longer to grow out and this slower growth enhances the flavor and texture of the meat.  The meat will be darker and slightly more firm with longer legs and less breast meat.  It is our family's favorite!

Different Breeds of chicken taste different!Heritage Breed Chickens are an exciting offering.  We raise two distinct breeds of birds that have been around for decades providing Americans with great tasting chicken dinners.  We are breeding these birds to bring back some of the fanatastic flavor that has been lost over the years without sacrificing all of the great things our modern chicken has to offer.  We are carefully selecting the best from our flock and breeding them to produce a very unique and special line of birds that we will raise for customers looking for the ultimate in Heritage meats. We use two breeds for this breeding.  

The Barred Rock is the traditional American Meat bird.  Until World War II, it was by far the most popular chicken for the frying pan.  Most would consider this their Grandma’s Chicken.  Its popularity came from its ability to create great tasting meat from free ranging on natural diets.  If you loved Grandma’s chicken as a kid, then it was likely a Barred Rock you remember.  

The Buckeye is an endangered breed that we have started breeding on our farm.  It has all of the charateristics and qualities that we look for in quality heritage breeds.  It is hardy in our climate, forages well and is very hardy.  We raise Buckeyes for both egg production and meat.  

Synergistic Acres' chickens live on fresh, clean pasturesHow are your chickens raised?

We raise our chickens on pasture.   They begin their lives in a secure indoor brooder where we can ensure they have the warmth and protection they need.  As soon as they are able to thrive outdoors, we move them out to pasture into moveable pasture pens.  These pens are designed to protect the chickens and give them shelter from the weather while ensuring they have 24 hour exposure to fresh air and green grass for the rest of their lives.  

Can I buy chicken any time of year?

We raise all three breeds in spring/summer with chickens being available for pickup in May & June.  We raise more chickens in the fall when the weather moderates which means more chickens available October-ish.  We do not raise young poultry out on pasture during the hottest months of the summer or coldest months of winter because it is hard on them and difficult to achieve the high quality product we require.  

What do they eat?
We want our chickens to enjoy the healthy benefits of everything nature provides that chickens thrive on - worms, insects, seeds, and fresh grass. We supplement this with organic grains from local farmers (oats, corn, wheat, milo, alfalfa, and roasted soybeans, as well as Sea Kelp and fish meal).

Know your farmer, know your food.Are they organic?
Our chickens are fed organic grains and are raised on pastures that would comply with organic standards. However, we are not certified to be organic.  Instead, we encourage customers to come out to the farm anytime and see how we raise our animals.  

Are your chickens free range?
We prefer to call our chickens pasture raised.  When they are young, our Cornish move freely in moveable pens that have no floor and are moved to fresh pasture twice a day.  The pens provide protection from predators but also giving them complete access to the nutritious and healing grass.  As our Prairie Ranger & Heritage birds take longer to mature, we start them in the moveable pens and move them to a larger pasture protected by electric netting as they get older (and bigger).

Our laying hens have a moveable coop, which they use primarily for roosting at nighttime.  During the day, they have free range of our 40 acres.

Pasture raised, organic-fed chicken is an easy meal you'll feel good about feeding your family.What will my chicken look like?
When you buy a chicken from Synergistic Acres, you will receive a whole chicken packaged in a BPA-free plastic sealed bag.  Necks are part of the chicken and they make an excellent addition to broths.  Gizzards, livers, hearts, feet or other parts may be requested and are generally sold by the pound.  Chickens picked up on the day of processing will be fresh.  Later pick-ups or deliveries will be frozen.  Our farm fresh chickens will store in the freezer for up to six months with no loss of freshness.

How big will my chicken be?
Our birds are 3.5-4# with some being a little larger and some being a little smaller. We are happy to find a chicken that is the right size for your needs. 

Where is my chicken processed?

We want our chickens' final day on the farm to be as respectful and peaceful as every other day of their lives.  We process all our poultry on-farm, by our own hands, utilizing the best equipment available.  

How do I get my chicken?
To ensure we raise enough chickens, you first pre-order on our site.  After pre-ordering, we will send you a confirmation email and you send in a deposit of $5 per bird.  On the pre-order form, a month is listed for processing.  We will email you details for the timing of your order as the dates approach.  

Once we have the dates set (based on growth rates which vary), you can visit the farm to pick up fresh chickens, make an appointment to pick up your chicken on the farm or arrange to have it brought to you (see below).  The balance of your payment is due at the time you receive your chicken.

After processing, we sometimes have chickens available for sale.  You can contact us directly and place your order.  

Then, you are all set to enjoy some delicious and nutritious naturally raised farm fresh chicken!

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can bring your chickens to you.  After order your chickens, email us and we'll figure out a mutually-convenient drop-off time and place.  Currently, we can deliver to Lenexa on Wednesday afternoons most weeks.  Other days may be able to be worked out if needed.  The drop-off will be soon after processing.

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