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Turkeys, like all animals, taste better and are more healthy to eat when they have lived a natual life where they are allowed to act like a Turkey.

Turkeys raised at Synergistic Acres are lovingly raised and allowed to free-range within portable, protected pastures.  Within these pastures they can eat seeds, grass, worms, and insects as well as fly up into the trees to roost.  

The turkeys do have to pay for this luxurious living however.  We move them around the farm wherever we need to rid an area of lots of insects or weeds, or add extra fertility.  They assassinate the bugs and then we rotate them to a new pasture to do it all over again.  

Raising Turkeys this way takes a lot of effort.  However, when you sit down to a delicious dinner, maybe even a Thanksgiving Dinner, you will know why we do it!

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating tradition and great food.  Great food is why the turkey is the centerpiece of that feast.  Nothing says Thanksgiving like a large dark roasted turkey sitting majestically on the carving platter. In order to honor this tradition of Thanksgiving you may want to consider having a Heritage Turkey as the centerpiece of this years meal.  This turkey would share the traditional qualities that we are celebrating on this uniquely American holiday. 

Our Turkeys are VERY different from the Turkeys you can buy at the store or from other farms.  The primary difference is that they are raised on pasture.  This is much more important than buying a turkey from the grocery store labeled as an organic turkey or a free-range turkey.  These labels have little true meaning and they will likely still be fed primarily grain and grown in tight confinement style housing.  Our turkeys receive their primary food from the pastures and then are supplemented with 100% organic whole grain food.  It is this difference in food that will affect the taste and nutrition of the bird the most.  The second very important reason to buy a heritage turkey from our farm is that you will have given an alternative life to a turkey that instead of living in confinement houses where every turkey is given a couple square feet to live, you will have given a turkey a life that included ranging over several acres in constantly rotated, protected paddocks.  

Now is the time to preorder your Thanksgiving Turkey.  We have a very limited supply and expect to sell out rather quickly judging from the demand that we have already seen.    It will be raised, fed and cared for until shortly before Thanksgiving, when it will be prepared for you right here at the farm,  You may pick up your fresh turkey the week before Thanksgiving,

Turkeys will cost $9.25 a pound and be available to pickup fresh from the farm by appointment.  We anticipate our turkeys to range in size from 8-18#.  A deposit of $25 will reserve your turkey.  Also, please think of at least one other person to tell about the chance to get a wonderful, local, pasture raised, organic Turkey.  By telling a friend, you are ensuring that exceptionally good local food will continue to be raised and available to your family!

 If you are interested in hearing more about our Turkeys or ordering one for your Thanksgiving Dinner contact us or order now




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