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A cow has a very impressive stomach designed to digest grass.  There is a lot of grass around Kansas City.  So why aren't all the farmers in Kansas City producing Grass-Fed Beef?  Good question...and the answer can be more complicated than you might expect.  The underlying reason however is Money.  Cows fed grass take longer to finish out, require more maintenance and must be handled more frequently than traditionally raised cows.  Although the resulting meat from a cow fed grass is better for you, most consumers are either not aware of the benefits or are not willing to pay the premium for more healthy food.  

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We raise Galloway cattle, a heritage breed known for it's superior quality of beef.  They hail from Scotland and thrive in pasture based environments and ours are 100% grass fed.  They are one of the few breeds that have been continuously developed specifically for grass fed beef.  They eat grass during the growing season and for as long as we can in the winter with stockpiled (ungrazed) grass and then we feed them hay.

A distinct characteristic of Galloway is their shaggy coat.  It keeps them warm and dry in the winter and then they shed some of it for the summer.  Galloway are very hardy and handle the cold easily.  It's the heat that bothers them so we aim to incorporate shaded areas during the hottest days.  Our cattle appreciate trees not only for their shade, but can often be found scratching an itch on a tree trunk or browsing on the leaves.  Galloway are also known for being good mothers, a quality we have seen in all our cows.

We share a gallery of Galloway pictures in our Farm Life Images.

Our Galloway are rotated daily to fresh pasture.  With access to one area, they graze well on a variety of forages and then have access to a whole new batch the next day.  We build their daily pasture based on the amount and quality of forage available - we want an area to be grazed for regrowth, not demolished.  As with our other animals, we use portable electric fencing and yes, we use a lot of it to build cattle pastures.  My dad was helping one day and called the step-in posts 'rock finders' as we build cattle pasture throughout the property which includes many areas where rocks are just below the surface.  The extra effort is worth it though, as our pastures are improved by the grazing.  I never knew how loud cattle eating could be and it's pretty amazing as I move the cattle each afternoon to their fresh pasture to pause a moment and listen to their contented chomping.  We have two 100 gallon water troughs that we fill daily and move from pasture to pasture with the cattle.

This management of daily pasture moves is part of why we are able to raise our cattle without using antibiotics or chemical treatments.  Encouraging cattle health by providing a natural diet of grass also encourages good digestion and overall health, without the need to prop them up with medicines.

We sell our beef primarily by the half and quarter. 


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