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Eggs from our pastured hens are getting rave reviews and we are excited to be able to provide you and your family with some of the greatest eggs we can.  

Do you want to know what makes our eggs so special?  We'd love to tell you.

Here are several stories we have written on our blog that mention our eggs.  

Which came first in Kansas City - the Chicken or the Egg? I'm not sure, but I can guarantee that the first eggs in Kansas City came from free range hens laying eggs. And lucky for people in Kansas City, there are now free range eggs laying again at Synergistic Acres. When a hen is allowed to freely roam pasture and woods in search of a varied diet that may include grass, grubs, worms, seeds, bits of earth and minerals -- she is much healthier than when living solely off processed chicken feed -- even organic chicken feed. According to Mother Earth News, the eggs from hens roaming truly free range lives have the following:



However, when buying free range eggs you have to understand what free range life your hens lived. Unless the hen is truly allowed to roam a wide expanse of woods and grassland for food, their eggs will not have the complete nutritional advantage of those that do. Chickens allowed to free range in a dirt yard are in better health than if kept in confinement chicken houses and are getting the benefit of a varied and healthy diet.  Our chickens spend their days roaming our pastures and woods searching out and eating what nature provides and then have their feed supplemented with organic whole grains.  They are truly Happy hens and provide us with very healthy and nutritious eggs.


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