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movie ::: Jimmy's Farm

First we laughed, then we pondered, then we shook our heads - couldn't be like us, right?  Jimmy, who lives in England, had a wild idea to start a farm even though he lacked experience, money or land.  He does have passion and a desire to learn though, along with a slew of supportive friends.  He shares his experience of becoming a farmer in a short series produced by the BBC, Jimmy's Farm.  We found it on YouTube and are eager to see the end of the series to know what happens with Jimmy's Farm.  

Many things happen in the short series and of course, Jeff and I wonder if a video crew had been filming us during our first year of farming, would there be any footage worth watching?

  • the time Jeff, while on crutches, fell in the pig's electric fence
  • Laura herding the cattle down the main road
  • the many times we've slipped in the cow pies/pig dookie/chicken poop
  • when the chickens were walking through the kitchen
  • taking the giant livestock trailer to pick up three piglets that fit in a rubbermaid tub
  • Jeff walking down the street, herding turkeys, and calling 'good morning!' to the surprised neighbors

It's fun to look back on our first year of farming and to think of all our experiences and all we have learned. What a year!


movie ::: Farmageddon

We recently watched Farmageddon, a documentary about small farms and their difficulties with government regulations.  It’s not the feel-good, support your local farmer, look at this great new sustainable farm kind of movie.  Instead, it showcases a few farmers that have been targeted and harassed by government institutions for not following guidelines in their farming efforts.  The movie makes a point that real food should not be so difficult to obtain should a consumer choose to do so.

My favorite quotes from the movie are from Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company.

“Food is the underlying way we are supposed to stay healthy.  

It’s about eating whole unprocessed foods.  

We need the wholeness of our foods, to be healthy.”

I love his emphasis that what we eat affects our health.  And that is why I am glad to be a small farmer, producing real food for the health of my family and yours!  



Yummy recipe with our farmstead chicken! 

We have been trying many of the recipes submitted by readers during our chicken contest. Daniél submitted this delicious chicken recipe.  So tasty!  And then we made the broth recipe Heather shared which resulted in this rich, flavorful goodness.  

Have you tried any of the recipes?  


Movie ::: Ingredients

We just finished watching Ingredients.  A bit of enouragment on this journey as we wait for news on our farmhouse offer.  Ingredients aims to revitalize the relationship between you and your food.  It's easy to ignore the origin of our food - Ingredients showcases that if you make the effort, you will be rewarded with better flavor, nutrition, and health (and often meet great people and have a little fun along the way).  I am motivated to include more seasonal recipes in our menus, encouraged to grow more food or develop a relationship with those who do, and inspired to make better food choices.  

At 67 minutes, it's a quick reminder about how powerful food is in our lives.

Ingredients Film Site


Cooking our first Chicken

My tried and true method for cooking a whole chicken, oven roasting, is what I chose for the first of our self-processed chickens.  Since the bird was about half the size of the store-bought chickens, I halved the cooktime to an hour so as not to dry out the meat.  As I checked the chicken though, I could tell it was done in just about 40 minutes.  The meat was easily cut off and the whole family agreed that the chicken had a great flavor.  Slightly more firm than the store-bought, full of flavor and juicy.  With the smaller size, our portions were smaller than store bought, but with some great sides, it's a justifiable balance.  We are definitely looking forward to cooking more of our chickens.  Knowing how they lived and were processed gives me a certain confidence in knowing my family is eating well.  When my daughter asked for thirds, I was very glad to know she was getting such a high quality meat to nourish her body.

Wanting to utilize the whole chicken, I made stock from the Nourishing Traditions recipe.   We now have some awesome chicken stock for future meals.  Stock from these chickens is much more robust, rich and healthy.  Continued nourishment for the family!

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