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Yummy, Delicious -- AND HEALTHY -- Chocolate Milk

Looking for a way to make chocolate milk with only natural sweeteners and an added boost of protein, we came up with this recipe which has become a family favorite.

With an immersion blender, blend
4 T raw cacao powder
2-4 T maple syrup (depending on sweetness desired)
2 T raw honey
4 eggs
dash salt
splash of vanilla

Blend in milk to fill a half gallon jar.  Chill and serve.  

This recipe uses raw eggs.  So only use if you buy eggs from a producer you trust to be selling you fresh, clean, healthy eggs from healthy hens.


Beneficial Bone Broth in the News

Bone broth is making the news again.  It's that time of year when a warm cup of tasty goodness starts to sound good to many people again.  I pretty much have a pot of broth simmering on the stove most days of the week.  If you haven't tried bone broth yet, this is a great time!  Not only do we have beef bones and pork bones, but we also have a few chickens available - so after you enjoy a great meal, you can use the bones to make a nutrient dense broth!  Yes, you can mix bones!

In this first article from Craig Fear guest posting to Azure Standard, he reviews the basics of making broth, how to store it, and shares a couple recipes that use broth.

The next article by the same author, featured on The Healthy Home Economist, details how to incorporate broth into your breakfast routines and why that is a good idea.  He shares more recipes and even shares a way to add broth to your oatmeal or eggs.  

My favorite way to include broth is so simple and filling.

1.  Fill your cup 2/3 with broth and then pour it into a saucepan to warm that amount on medium-high.  This usually takes less than 3 minutes for mine to warm up.

2.  While waiting for it to warm up, sprinkle a little salt, pepper and optional desired spices into your cup.

3.  Pour the warmed broth into your cup and top the final 1/3 of your cup off with cold broth.  This gets the broth to drinkable temp right away, while still providing that deep warmth.

4.  Stir and enjoy!

Yes, homemade broth is more nutrient dense and yes, pasture raised animal bones are, too.  Get the best for your broth and enjoy the amazing benefits of a wonderful broth!

NOW AVAILABLE Pastured, Heritage Pork cuts, 100% Grass fed Heritage Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

And of course, make amazing broth from our Heritage, Pasture Raised turkeys!!!  Order your Heritage, Pasture Raised Turkey Now




We will be taking some of our very special fall Heritage Pork in for processing.  You can read all about it here and place your order.



5 EASY Steps to Roasting a Chicken

Every time I share my favorite way to cook one of our pasture raised and organic fed chickens, people look at me like I am crazy.  Considering I use this method every week of the year, I know it actually works!  This is my go-to, quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious dinner.  I even took pictures one day to show how super simple and easy this can be.  Spoiler Alert: one of the steps involves placing a lid onto a pot - I'm talking EASY!!!  You can do it!  No need to be afraid of cooking a whole chicken - and especially not when there is such goodness at the end!

1. Unwrap frozen chicken.  Yes, FROZEN!  Easy enough so far, right?

2.  Place frozen chicken in a large pot.  Either side up.

3. Place lid on pot.  Still with me?

4.  Place pot into the oven.  Set temp to 350.  Smaller (3-4 pounder) chickens will cook in about 90 minutes.  Larger (4-5 pounders) will cook in about 2 hours.  My oven is nice and wafts yummy chicken smells into the air when the chicken is done so I pull it out when it smells good.  You can pull it out after 90-120 minutes (see size notes above) and check for doneness visually or take a quick temp reading (around 145 in the thigh).

5.  This is the best step because you get to sample!  Pull off the meat from the chicken (if you're not sure how, Jeff offers a chicken cut-up class, check out YouTube or come visit me someday when I'm cooking chicken and I'm happy to show you) and you are all set to enjoy moist and flavorful pasture raised chicken!  Because of the way we raise them on pasture and with organic feed, the meat is tender and delicious without any fancy additions.  I don't have to be a fancy cook because the meat I start with is exceptional by default.  Just don't overcook it or it will dry out!

Really, there is a sixth step - take advantage of those great bones and make a nourishing bone broth.  That's just more value for your money and the nutritional benefits are awesome!

Try an oven roasted chicken this way and let me know what you think!  Right now, we have a few Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available.  Pasture-raised, of course!  

NOW AVAILABLE Pastured, Heritage Pork cuts, 100% Grass fed Heritage Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

 You can do this, right?  Five easy steps and you'll have an amazing dinner for you and your family!



Pork Chop recipe

Pork Chops from our Pasture Raised Heritage Pigs are a quick and easy meal that tastes great.  We recently tried a new recipe that was a big hit.  After a quick sear with a spice rub, you cook the chops in the oven for just a few minutes with a scrumptious peach & mustard glaze.  I found the recipe from Delish D'Lites here.  The glaze really compliments the slow-grown characteristics of the Heritage meat!

We can't wait to hear what you think of peach & mustard glazed chops!


the BEST slowcooker roast recipe

When you have such good meat, you want to do it justice by cooking it well.  As a farmer, I've had many opportunities to succeed and fail in the kitchen with our pasture raised products.  

This recipe is







and all this for about ten minutes work!

Simple, Tender Pot Roast with Holy Grail Gravy from Phoenix Helix

A customer, Keri, shared that she had success with the recipe, so I decided to try it as well.  My modifications were that I did not have celery or rosemary sprigs and I forgot the garlic.  I used beef broth instead of water and actually I used a brisket since that is what I found in the freezer first.  I have found 100% grass fed beef cooks faster than most recipes allow, so I put the veggies in the slowcooker on low at noon, added the beef at 3p and took it out of the slowcooker around 6p.  It was perfectly done and probably could have come out an hour or so before if I had needed.  

The gravy was easy to make and so warm and filling.  I liked it so much, I just put some in a glass to sip on while I finished up making the rest of dinner!  A gravy chock full of nutrition from 100% grass fed, pasture raised beef and organic vegetables that tastes wonderful is a SUCCESS in my book.

My appreciation to Keri for sharing this recipe with us!

Try out this recipe and let us know what you think.  Maybe you'll find a new family favorite, too!

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