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Chicken Harvest, a day of community

We processed our first batch of chickens - our slow growing, pasture raised Prarie Rangers.  These birds had done fantastic on pasture and as a result had grown exceptionally well.  We had several birds in the 7-pound range and had nearly zero under 5 pounds.  We were very happy with this because we know several of our very loyal chicken customers like for the birds to be exceptionally big.  One of our customers commented they were more like small turkeys than chickens.  She was excited to possibly have leftovers for her large, healthy family.  

One of the greatest things about processing chickens is the community feel it involves.  We have our core team of Laura, and I and both girls helping along with both Laura's and my parents.  We were able to get our 100 birds processed and the area cleaned up in good time.  


5 EASY Steps to Roasting a Chicken

Every time I share my favorite way to cook one of our pasture raised and organic fed chickens, people look at me like I am crazy.  Considering I use this method every week of the year, I know it actually works!  This is my go-to, quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious dinner.  I even took pictures one day to show how super simple and easy this can be.  Spoiler Alert: one of the steps involves placing a lid onto a pot - I'm talking EASY!!!  You can do it!  No need to be afraid of cooking a whole chicken - and especially not when there is such goodness at the end!

1. Unwrap frozen chicken.  Yes, FROZEN!  Easy enough so far, right?

2.  Place frozen chicken in a large pot.  Either side up.

3. Place lid on pot.  Still with me?

4.  Place pot into the oven.  Set temp to 350.  Smaller (3-4 pounder) chickens will cook in about 90 minutes.  Larger (4-5 pounders) will cook in about 2 hours.  My oven is nice and wafts yummy chicken smells into the air when the chicken is done so I pull it out when it smells good.  You can pull it out after 90-120 minutes (see size notes above) and check for doneness visually or take a quick temp reading (around 145 in the thigh).

5.  This is the best step because you get to sample!  Pull off the meat from the chicken (if you're not sure how, Jeff offers a chicken cut-up class, check out YouTube or come visit me someday when I'm cooking chicken and I'm happy to show you) and you are all set to enjoy moist and flavorful pasture raised chicken!  Because of the way we raise them on pasture and with organic feed, the meat is tender and delicious without any fancy additions.  I don't have to be a fancy cook because the meat I start with is exceptional by default.  Just don't overcook it or it will dry out!

Really, there is a sixth step - take advantage of those great bones and make a nourishing bone broth.  That's just more value for your money and the nutritional benefits are awesome!

Try an oven roasted chicken this way and let me know what you think!  Right now, we have a few Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available.  Pasture-raised, of course!  

NOW AVAILABLE Pastured, Heritage Pork cuts, 100% Grass fed Heritage Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

 You can do this, right?  Five easy steps and you'll have an amazing dinner for you and your family!



Pastured Chicken Season Comes to a Close + chickens & beef available!

This weekend marked the end of a wonderful Pastured Chicken season for Synergistic Acres.  We raised and processed several hundreds of chickens this fall!  Though it is a ton of work, we gratefully appreciate being able to process our own poultry, knowing that our chickens had a quality life, superior food, natural living conditions and a humane end.  We heartily thank our many processing helpers - from friends of the farm, curious eaters, to friends and dedicated family.  

 In particular this weekend, ALL our parents helped with processing and it was an awesome day!  Every step of the process was enhanced by the capable and knowledgable hands.  It was truly a family effort!  My dad helped with household upgrades including some additional lighting in the barn.  No pics of me because I did not take a selfie while eviserating chickens ;)  All told, we processed 102 chickens on Saturday.

The best part of that news is that we have some Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available for YOU!  We pre-sell most of our chickens, but, depending on the growing season, sometimes we are able to grow a few more than we pre-sell.  Head on over to our Natural Meats ordering page and scroll down to the bottom to order your chickens today.  Limited supply!

We've yet to make an official announcement, but we also have select cuts of 100% Heritage Grass-fed beef available.  Again, you can check it out on the ordering page near the bottom of the form.

On-farm pickup is available or I'll be in Lenexa on Wednesday.  Thank you for your support of another great season growing chickens on pasture!



How do I Hook up with Pastured Meat?

'How do I get your food?' is one of the questions we hear a lot.
One of our primary missions is to make getting our food as EASY as possible for people.  Like you, we tend to keep busy and it can be hard to add in extra things...like a country drive to pick up some locally raised and organically fed meat!  

That's why we make a weekly delivery to Kansas City in Lenexa every Wednesday afternoon and Evening.   Just email or order online and we'll bring the food up to you on Wednesday.
We also welcome pick up on farm by appointment and would love to show you around while you are here or you can just make a quick stop to pick up your goodies and be on your way.  
Raising our animals in regularly rotated, pastured environments is the hard part - NOT getting it and CERTAINLY NOT eating it :)



2014 Spring Poultry Orders

Order now for fresh, pasture raised chicken from Synergistic AcresIt is time once again to order your fresh organic fed pasture raised chickens. This year we plan on raising all of our chickens in two large batches - one in the spring and one in the fall. We are doing this to avoid the heat of the summer with our chickens. It will be important to consider this when you order chickens - there will be 25 weeks between our two batches.  This batch will be available in May/June and the fall batch approximately in late October.

We LOVE the flavor of the chicken it is wonderful!  The broth is phenomenal and has less than a teaspoon - absolutely no bad stuff I have to scrape off when making bone broth.  We are more than pleased with our birds!  The only thing we wish is that we could get bigger chickens for our hungry eaters :)  Thank you so much for the chickens!

- Pattie

We will once again raise three types of birds - each with their own special niche in our dining palettes.


Synergistic Acres raises three types of meat chickens, which one is best for you?The Cornish Cross has become the standard American Broiler for most American families. It grows quickly and produces lots of juicy tender breast meat. Our Cornish X birds are similar in shape to the bird you would buy at the grocery store, but that is where the similarities end. Because of how we choose to raise the birds - outside and on fresh pasture daily, they become an entirely different bird from industrial-raised chicken. The magic of clean sunshine and cleansing grass ensures that these are healthier and more flavorful than any industrial bird you have ever tasted. $4.35/# (average 3 - 4#) AVAILABLE MAY

The Prairie Ranger chicken that we raise come from traditional French lineage. Since the 1960’s, French farmers have focused on raising a gourmet strand of bird that is suited well for foraging outdoors and developing excellent meat characteristics. While the Cornish Cross was selected over many years to be able to grow lots of juicy white meat, the Prairie Ranger chicken was designed to have a more complex and firm meat. They take longer to grow out and this slower growth enhances the flavor and texture of the meat. The meat will be darker and slightly more firm with longer legs and less breast meat.  This is our family's favorite chicken! $5.15/# (averages 4 - 5#) AVAILABLE JUNE 

graduation from brooder to pasture is an exciting day!Heritage Breed Chickens are an exciting offering. We raise two distinct breeds of birds that have been around for decades providing Americans with great tasting chicken dinners. We are breeding these birds to bring back some of the fantastic flavor that has been lost over the years without sacrificing all of the great things our modern chicken has to offer. We are carefully selecting the best from our flock and crossing them to produce a very unique and special line of birds that we will raise for customers looking for the ultimate in heritage meats. We use two breeds for this breeding.$4.35/# (averages 4#) AVAILABLE MAY

The two breeds used in developing our heritage breed chickens are:

  • The Barred Rock is the traditional American Meat bird. Until World War II it was by far the most popular chicken in the USA for the frying pan. Most would consider this their Grandma’s Chicken. Its popularity came from its ability to create great tasting meat from free ranging on natural diets. If you loved Grandma’s chicken as a kid, then it was likely a Barred Rock you remember.
  • The Buckeye is an endangered breed that we have started breeding on our farm. It has all of the characteristics and qualities that we look for in quality heritage breeds. It thrives in our climate, forages well and is very hardy. We raise Buckeyes for both egg production and meat.



yes, chickens really do eat grass - and we think it makes a healthier chickenWe raise our chickens outside on pasture. They begin their lives in a secure indoor brooder where we can ensure they have the warmth and protection they need. As soon as they are able to thrive outdoors, we move them out to pasture into moveable pasture pens. These pens are designed to protect the chickens and give them shelter from the weather while ensuring they have 24 hour exposure to fresh air and green grass for the rest of their lives. 

We have eaten 2 of the chickens and they are great!  We put one in the crock pot all day with some dry Italian dressing and let it cook, we call this Freddie in the Pot, it was great.....and the other we made chicken noodle soup with, it was great too...  I know that we will be back soon.  I won't buy chicken or eggs from the store anymore.  Can't wait until you have beef too!



All of our chickens are supplemented a completely organic local milled grain that come from farmers right here in Kansas.  Their feed is GMO free and contains only whole grains, minerals and sea kelp for added nutrition and health.  

Synergistic Acres freshly processed frozen chickens stay fresh in bpa-free bagsWhen you buy a chicken from Synergistic Acres, you will receive a whole chicken (including neck) packaged in BPA-free plastic sealed bag.  Gizzards, livers, feet or other parts may be requested and are generally sold by the pound. Chickens picked up on the day of processing will be fresh. Later pick-ups or deliveries will be frozen. Our farm fresh chickens will store in the freezer for up to six months with no loss of freshness.

To ensure we raise enough chickens, you first pre-order on our site.  After receiving a confirmation email, you will send in a deposit of $5 per bird by mail.  As the dates approach, we will email you details for the timing of your order and you can either pick it up on the day of processing or make arrangements to get it at a later date.

This is frickin good chicken - Jim

your chickens are raised on pasture in these protective portable 'chicken tractors' that we've built specially for themYou can make an appointment to visit the farm to pick up your chicken or arrange to pick it up in the city. Generally, we deliver to "the city" on Wednesdays. Other days may be able to be worked out if needed.  The balance of your payment is due at the time you receive your chickens. Then, you are all set to enjoy some delicious and nutritious naturally raised farm fresh chicken!

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