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How do you start a farm?

Yesterday was Father's day -- it was a great day that I got to spend with my family.  In the afternoon, we hosted a family cookout at Shawnee Mission Park.  It was a fun and exciting time - everyone was doing lots of activities.  I was grilling hamburgers for the family and talking with a group of guys.  Someone asked --- How do you start a farm?  The question struck me because it is one of those that the actual answer is often not the expected answer.  The person asking the question was probably expecting an answer about buying livestock, setting fence and finding equipment, but my answer was different.  I said, you start a farm by deciding what your Core Values are.  This will be your compass from the very beginning in every decision you make - about livestock, about equipment and even about fencing.

While it is certainly true that our core farm values are emerging as we learn more and more about farming -- in reality -- it is our core values that are drawing us into farming.  

Synergistic Acres Core Values

  • We want to restore health to people by bringing them the most healthy, natural and nutrient dense food that we can provide.
  • We want to restore health the land by being intentional stewards for future generations and ensure that every action we do that affects the land will make it stronger and better in the future.
  • We want to restore health to the animals that we raise.  Healthy animals make healthy foods so we will ensure that our animals are as healthy as nature will allow. 

Each of these values is quite loaded and will end up being an entire discussion in itself. However, by knowing from the beginning what our values are makes starting a farm much easier.  




Welcome to Kansas City's Newest Sustainable Farm

Howdy! Synergistic Acres is a new farm located near Kansas City that specializes in raising grass fed beef, pastured poultry, and free foraging pork -- or shall I say -- will focus on providing these to people around Kansas City.  That's because right now, Synergistic Acres is a farm not yet realized for the Hamons family.

We are in the process of wrapping up our comfortable suburban lifestyle and moving someplace where we can focus our attention on growing great nutritious and delicious food and sharing it with others.  This will be a major life change for our entire family as we learn how to be self-sufficient and wonderful shepherds of the land.  

Our ideas of what it means to be a farmer may be a little out of the ordinary.  We plan to raise pork, beef, and chicken on a relatively small amount of land by mimicking nature.  Through honoring the animals instincts and capitalizing on the natural systems already present in nature, we intend to harvest food while improving the land.  We will then deliver food directly to local families -- making the trip from pasture to plate as clean and short as possible.  

This is where the name Synergistic Acres comes from.  A synergistic relationship happens when the interaction of elements combine to produce total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.  In this case, by following natures model and using ruminates (cows), poultry (chickens) and foragers (pigs), we will be able to create a sustainable system of production on our farm.  In addition, synergy is created as local and sustainable food is grown and consumed.

This blog will chronicle our journey through this transition. We will share the good with the bad and the funny with the serious -- all with the hope that you will feel more connected with the food you eat each day.


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