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Our Official Moving Day

This is a small peek back in time to share the road we traveled to get to our farm. We moved out of our house in late September and moved into our farmhouse mid-November.  Now that the camera cord has been unpacked, we'll share with you a few of the experiences we had leading up to our move - and then we'll continue on with all the new and exciting events of living on a farm!

                                          *  *  *  *  * 

You can probably imagine our delight at hearing our offer and ammendment were both finally accepted and approved after 6 months of negotiations and waiting.  We immediately began making plans for moving day!  We were so excited about the new house that we 'camped' there a night before we moved in. Packed our dinner and blankets and stayed there overnight - no water and no heat!  It was cold, but oh-so-fun!  The next day, with a tremendous amount of assistance and elbow-grease from our parents, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.

The following day, we loaded up our belongings and made the big move.  As with the previous move to storage, we are so thankful for all the help and support from our family and friends.  Many hands make light work.  Two tidbits I found amusing about this move - 1, it's the first time a livestock trailer carried my belongings and 2, it's the first time I've seen a tractor used to unload and move heavy things.

And then the van was unloaded, the helpers headed home, and we settled into our new home.  

Oh yes, there was plenty of unpacking to do.  Do you know what room I tackled first?  The kitchen, of course - gotta have my home base.  Then, I unpacked a few boxes each day.  I have a thing about boxes in my space.  I don't like them.  So, I unpacked nearly everything in that first week.  It was fun to find spaces for our belongings, to make this space seem a little more like us.  To rearrange as needed as we use the space and figure out what works for us.  To make this space our home.  Home.


We're IN!

Well, we are here and unpacking and we are love, love, loving it. The spaces are so cool, the kitchen is huge, the sunsets are amazing. Seeing our things after six weeks of storage is nice. A bonafide homecooked meal tonight was wonderful. Settling in and making this home is perfect. 

The plumbing is only repaired in one bathroom, but the rest is in progress. The septic is next. Creaks and furnace shudders startle me. The across-the-way dogs are not used to activity over here. I'm told the mice are big. 

The girls have been amazingly happy about moving in, cleaning and unpacking and being here. We've enjoyed the great outdoors a bit, even waded in the creek. 

The first batch of chicks arrive this week. The cattle are coming this weekend and then more chicks next week. Not sure about the other animals, but chicks and cattle ought to keep us busy enough for a while! 

Here's our cheesy moving day pic, I don't have any others (my mom took this one) b/c I haven't unpacked my camera cord yet. 

We look forward to sharing our farmhouse and farm with friends and family!  


When it's right -- it's right!

We have found the home base for our future farming endeavors, the home our family will grow into through the years.  It is located in Parker, KS - just south of Kansas City by La Cygne.  

Parker, KS Farm House

We have loved this house since we first saw it.  It is a true farm house --  built in the early 20th century. Future posts will go into detail about the house, why we chose this house over the many others we looked at, what we have learned about rural real estate and we'll even share wiith you the work we put into it as we work to restore this grand old house back to its original beauty!

Right now though, we are just so EXCITED to share with you our NEW HOME!


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Synergistic Acres - 21733 Iliff Rd, Parker, KS 66072 - 913-735-4769
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