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Beneficial Bone Broth in the News

Bone broth is making the news again.  It's that time of year when a warm cup of tasty goodness starts to sound good to many people again.  I pretty much have a pot of broth simmering on the stove most days of the week.  If you haven't tried bone broth yet, this is a great time!  Not only do we have beef bones and pork bones, but we also have a few chickens available - so after you enjoy a great meal, you can use the bones to make a nutrient dense broth!  Yes, you can mix bones!

In this first article from Craig Fear guest posting to Azure Standard, he reviews the basics of making broth, how to store it, and shares a couple recipes that use broth.

The next article by the same author, featured on The Healthy Home Economist, details how to incorporate broth into your breakfast routines and why that is a good idea.  He shares more recipes and even shares a way to add broth to your oatmeal or eggs.  

My favorite way to include broth is so simple and filling.

1.  Fill your cup 2/3 with broth and then pour it into a saucepan to warm that amount on medium-high.  This usually takes less than 3 minutes for mine to warm up.

2.  While waiting for it to warm up, sprinkle a little salt, pepper and optional desired spices into your cup.

3.  Pour the warmed broth into your cup and top the final 1/3 of your cup off with cold broth.  This gets the broth to drinkable temp right away, while still providing that deep warmth.

4.  Stir and enjoy!

Yes, homemade broth is more nutrient dense and yes, pasture raised animal bones are, too.  Get the best for your broth and enjoy the amazing benefits of a wonderful broth!

NOW AVAILABLE Pastured, Heritage Pork cuts, 100% Grass fed Heritage Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

And of course, make amazing broth from our Heritage, Pasture Raised turkeys!!!  Order your Heritage, Pasture Raised Turkey Now




We will be taking some of our very special fall Heritage Pork in for processing.  You can read all about it here and place your order.



Pastured Chicken Season Comes to a Close + chickens & beef available!

This weekend marked the end of a wonderful Pastured Chicken season for Synergistic Acres.  We raised and processed several hundreds of chickens this fall!  Though it is a ton of work, we gratefully appreciate being able to process our own poultry, knowing that our chickens had a quality life, superior food, natural living conditions and a humane end.  We heartily thank our many processing helpers - from friends of the farm, curious eaters, to friends and dedicated family.  

 In particular this weekend, ALL our parents helped with processing and it was an awesome day!  Every step of the process was enhanced by the capable and knowledgable hands.  It was truly a family effort!  My dad helped with household upgrades including some additional lighting in the barn.  No pics of me because I did not take a selfie while eviserating chickens ;)  All told, we processed 102 chickens on Saturday.

The best part of that news is that we have some Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available for YOU!  We pre-sell most of our chickens, but, depending on the growing season, sometimes we are able to grow a few more than we pre-sell.  Head on over to our Natural Meats ordering page and scroll down to the bottom to order your chickens today.  Limited supply!

We've yet to make an official announcement, but we also have select cuts of 100% Heritage Grass-fed beef available.  Again, you can check it out on the ordering page near the bottom of the form.

On-farm pickup is available or I'll be in Lenexa on Wednesday.  Thank you for your support of another great season growing chickens on pasture!



Final Class of Fall ::: Learn how to Raise and Butcher your Own Chickens

RUSH -- No time to lose to register for Learn how to Raise and Butcher your Own Chickens Class


Raising and Processing Pasture Raised Chickens on Any Scale

Sunday November 1, 2015 8a-4pm




We have had several people say they really wanted a chance to learn how to raise and process their own chickens and were hopeful we would have another class this Fall.  We had not originally intended to do a fall class, but have decided that we can can do one to meet people's desires. 

Our scheduling is very tight since this is the time we butcher our farm's fall chickens AND our Thanksgiving turkeys! We MUST know by this Friday the 23rd in order to reserve chickens from our last customer processing this weekend.


Information is below or REGISTER HERE


 Former attendees commented this class helped them feel comfortable with the idea of raising their own chickens and seeing the butchering process up close and personal.   Attendees ranged from curious eaters to serious potential farmers.  All left with positive comments and new ideas!


Chickens are an iconic part of the family farmstead and have even evolved to be a popular and valuable part of suburban, urban and rural areas of Kansas City. Chickens have gained this status because they are immensely useful and important. 

In this workshop, we will cover all the basics of raising chickens from brooding new chicks all the way to butchering and preparing them for meat.   All topics will be taught hands-on with examples of what has worked on our farm along with plentiful anecdotes of things that haven't turned out so well.  We will have birds in all stages of development, so you will get to see exactly what it could look like on your farm.  We will give clear examples of how this can be managed at a working-farm scale like ours all the way down to the homestead minded person just keeping a flock for their family.

Topics will include:

  • Choosing breeds of chicks and turkeys (meat birds and egg layers)
  • Raising Turkeys on your farm - differences from chickens
  • Brooding chicks and poults
  • Feed rations, options, and schedules
  • How, when, and why of pasture raising chickens and turkeys
  • Raising egg layers on pasture
  • Keeping Heritage Turkeys on Pasture
  • Dealing with predators
  • Humane slaughter; butchering; packaging
  • Regulations
  • Waste disposal

 Jeff and Laura, I did not adequately thank you for your time on Saturday. Your class was very informative and I learned a lot. Thank you both again! -Ruth

 The class will be divided into two sessions.  The morning session will be a hands-on chicken butchering workshop. Each person will have to the opportunity to learn each step of butchering a chicken and then be able to butcher their own chicken to take home after class.  You will get to see how to butcher using modern commercial equipment such as automatic scalders, dunkers and pluckers as well as how to do it with minimal equipment that you would have at your own home.  


The afternoon session will include a hands-on tour of each step of the chicken raising journey as well as a guided tour of the farm seeing the brooder, the pasture pens, the egg mobile, electric netting, etc.  We will also look at how turkeys fit into our farm's poultry operation. There will be a short "classroom" setting where we talk about the finances involved with raising poultry, marketing ideas, and the laws surrounding poultry in Kansas.

In-between the sessions there will be a full lunch with pasture raised meat from our farm where we will be able to sit down and talk farming with other lunatic farmers. 


You may choose to attend either of the sessions individually or you may attend both sessions for the whole picture on pasture raised Poultry.  If attending both sessions, the cost is $100, a savings of $25!


Morning Session - How to Butcher a Chicken (8-noon) $75

When finished, you will have the skills needed to butcher your own chicken in a humane and respectful way.  In addition to learning the steps, you will complete the entire butchering process on an organic fed Pasture Raised chicken that you will be able to take home to share with your family ($25 value).

Lunch (12-1) Included in the price of either session

Lunch will be served farm style with pasture raised meat from our farm.  It will be a time to visit, get to know each other, share ideas and ask questions.  

Afternoon Session - Raising Chicken for Meat and Eggs (1-5pm) $50

This portion of the class will be focused on learning how to raise healthy and productive chickens. We will start by learning all of the details for brooding your birds from newly hatched chicks.  Then, we'll discuss the important factors for transitioning your birds to pasture and what differences exist if you are raising them for meat or eggs.  You will get to see up close the different shelters we use for each and we will discuss construction details including what has worked and what has not worked in our farm experience.  We will discuss how chickens fit within the overall structure of our farm's systems by cleaning up parasites behind the cattle and by intensively fertilizing targeted pasture areas.  We will wrap-up with a classroom session where we will discuss marketing your products and local laws affecting the selling of your products.

This workshop will be outside so dress accordingly.  Although you may be surprised at how clean you stay during the chicken butchering portion of the workshop, you may want to dress in layers so you can peel your top layer off when that portion of the workshop is done. Waterproof footwear is suggested for all participants.

To register for this class, please click here and fill out the form.  The form will include directions for payment.  

There are very limited spots available, so register early to ensure availability.

Click Here to Register


Gobble - Gobble Heritage Turkey Orders OPEN NOW

The moment is here....order your Pasture Raised Heritage Turkey Now!

It may seem early to start thinking about your Thanksgiving dinner.  However, at the farm we had to start planning your Thanksgiving dinner in early March when we began incubating the eggs that would soon hatch into the poults that have now grown into large vibrant Turkeys living out on pasture.  Now, it is time for you to reserve a turkey.  

Thanksgiving is a holiday focused on tradition and sharing good food with your family.  A heritage turkey raised on pasture is the perfect centerpiece for this meal.  It idealizes the simple elegance of the day.  When you are carving your Turkey this year at Thanksgiving, you will be able to tell your whole family the story behind their meal.  You can share how it was raised, describe the pastures it lived its life on and recount some of the stories we have shared about the daily care it was given.  Later, when they are raving about the taste you can share with them how this Turkey is the healthiest and most nutritious turkey they have ever eaten.

This is very different than if you buy a turkey from the grocery store, but there are other differences as well. The biggest difference between our Turkey and the Turkey you will buy at the store is that our Turkeys were raised on pasture everyday since they left the brooder as young poults.  This means that the turkey grew up eating grass everyday.  It had a varied diet consisting of various forages found in the pastures and the insects that abounded.  We supplement this natural foraging with 100% local, organic grains.  This ensures that the turkey is eating absolutely the best food. Therefore, it will be in optimal health, giving you a nutritious and flavorful meal to share with your family.  

This type of experience can only be had with a Heritage Turkey.  Our birds are Standard Bronze - the original Thanksgiving Turkey.  It's genetics have stayed mostly unchanged for more than a century when they were bred for flavor and nutrition - not economics and speed.  Because it is a heritage bird, it grows slower and forages better.  This combination means that the turkey lives a longer happier life eating grass and doing things it was naturally designed to do.  This does more than just ensure a happy turkey, it also ensures a healthy turkey. The more grass it eats, the more healthy and flavorful the meat is.

Our customers last year raved about the turkeys they received.  Many of our customers were brand new to buying and preparing a fresh heritage turkey, and everyone loved it.  

Just wanted to thank you, again, for the heritage turkeyand for the wonderful Prairie Rangeryou provided us this past month! My in-laws from Singapore were absolutely smitten by your heritage turkey and Prairie Ranger (we made two curries and some AMAZING stock with the chicken!). In fact, my mother in law was so in love with the turkey that she froze a half gallon of turkey broth so she could bring it back to Singapore and wouldn't let me share a single slice with the neighbors because she liked it so much! - Leon

Your turkey was the centerpiece of our extended family Thanksgiving dinner, and we all loved it! Thank you also for including the Maple Rosemary butter recipe, which was a delicious and delicate addition to the rich taste. I look forward to becoming a regular customer, and I look forward to visiting the farm as well someday. -Nancy

Thank you for your hard work raising a beautiful turkey. It came out very tasty. The organically raised meat is far superior to commercial raised meat. I think I made believers out of the 12 people that the bird fed. Also thank you for the farm tour. It is great to see the organic food movement making its way to the midwest. -Jon


Now is the time to reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey.  We have a very limited supply.  Your turkey will be raised, fed and cared for until shortly before Thanksgiving, when it will be prepared for you right here at the farm.  You may pick up your fresh Turkey the week before Thanksgiving.  Sorry, we do not ship our turkeys.  Pick-up on farm only.

A deposit of $25 and the submission of the Order Form Here

Also, please think of at least one other person to tell about the chance to get a wonderful, local, pasture raised, organic Turkey.  By telling a friend, you are ensuring that exceptionally good local food will continue to be raised and available to your family!  


Pastured Chicken Now Available

Your Grandma's Chicken 


Well....we had a wonderful dinner last night thanks to you.  The chicken was wonderful and I see why you sell out so fast... and the sausages, I just love them! -- Linda 


We often receive feedback about our chicken that it tastes so much like they remember their Grandma's chicken dinners.  The reason why this memory of chicken has been so emblazoned in their minds is they remember when chicken was not simply a fleshy product of corn and soy. Rather, chicken was a complex and delicious meat that had intense flavors reflecting the farms they were grown on and the season during which they thrived.

That's how we raise our chicken -- ON PASTURE, eating grass and soaking up sunshine all day long.  It changes not only the taste of the meat, not only the nutrition of the meat but also your connection with the food you are feeding your family.

Right now, these chickens are growing on pasture.  
To ensure we reserve the amount of chickens you need, we ask you to pre-order now.  In the past, all our chickens have been reserved months in advance so please don't delay.  The chickens will be ready mid-October and come to you as a frozen whole chicken.  Our chickens typically range in size from 3-5#.   We will bring your chicken to our weekly delivery in Lenexa or you can pick them up on the farm.  You can find out all of the information about our chickens on our website's Pastured Poultry Page.    

We can't wait to hear your feedback after you enjoy some pasture raised, organic fed chicken from Synergistic Acres!  It is our pleasure to raise chickens like they used to be raised - for nutrition and taste...all the while making a positive impact on our land!  Who knows, maybe you can even share a chicken dinner with your Grandma and see what she thinks!


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