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Summer Farm Tour

Our Summer farm tour was a well attended by an excited and observant group of people.  Several long-time customers who had not had the chance to see the farm came as well as brand new customers and a few potential new customers -- as well as a few other aspiring farmers wanting to see how it works on someone else's farm.  The weather was perfect -- dry, not too hot, and a beautiful clear sky.  We are always energized by seeing the great excitement people have when they see a way their food can be raised that they can feel good about.


Pork by the Half - reserve your side by Feb 2nd - final chance this season

It's like having a meat counter at your house everyday!

We will be having a set of our very special organic fed and Pasture Raised Heritage hogs going to the Butcher this month.  This will be our last group for several months.  If you want to buy our pork in the most CONVENIENT and VALUED way, this is your chance!

When you buy pork by the half, you get important perks unavailable when you buy it by the cut.
  • The first is price - at $6/# hanging weight, this is the most economical way to buy our amazing pork.  You make one purchase at great savings over individual cuts.
  • Perhaps the most important reason to buy our pork in bulk is CONVENIENCE.  When you buy an entire half of pork you have essentially done a large part of your meat shopping for several months -- with one purchase.  Now, whenever you want to serve your family a very special meal of heritage pork -- all you have to is walk a couple steps to your freezer and pick out the packages that sound the best to you for dinner that night.  
  • Another key perk is cut CHOICE.  You want thick or thin bacon?  Do you like your sausage hot or mild?  How many chops per package are convenient for you?  What about the thickness of your chops?  It's your choice!  Jeff will call you and easily walk through the steps to ensure you get exactly what you need for a multitude of meals at your fingertips.

To see what buying half a pork would be like -- Visit this blog post on our site that details exactly what buying 1/2  pig looks like --- 

The cost is $6/# hanging weight and the typical 1/2 a hog weighs 70-90 pounds.  All processing fees are included in the price.  

This will be the final group of pigs going to market this season.  If you don't buy a 1/2 now -- you won't have another chance for many months.  We must have our orders by February 2nd.  Simply send us an email letting us know you are interested.  We will get back with you and find out how you want it cut, how to send in the deposit and arrange for delivery.  

Do you know how to buy our meat?

We try to make it as easy as possible.

  1. SEE WHAT WE HAVE! The right hand sidebar of our regular emails shows you our current availability.  Or use this link to see an up to date list anytime.
  2. TELL US WHAT YOU WANTUse the order form to order online or just send us an email at jeff@synergisticacres.com with what you want to eat.
  3. GET YOUR FOOD!  You can always come out ot the farm to pick up your food or we make weekly deliveries up to the city on Wednesday afternoons at various times and places in the Lenexa and Overland Park areas.  

I want the temps to stay below 25ºF

Why on earth would I want it to stay cold when I have to be working outside in these temps every single day?  Below freezing cold is much easier on the animals than cold weather that warms up slightly above freezing every day and then dips below.  This is because when the temps fluctuate like this, it also means there is constantly new moisture being dropped from the thawing and freezing and these wet, muddy and drippy times are very hard for outside animals to stay healthy and happy. 

We work hard to find lots of ways to make the animals more comfortable.  This is usually by making sure they are in sheltered and dry paddocks, rotating them to fresh paddocks, providing wind breaks and/or adding lots of dry bedding to help out.

The other thing that would go away with temps under 25º is MUD.  Giant pits of soul-sucking mud are part of the hazards of caring for animals in this world of temps that simply won't freeze and stay there.  Many farm chores are best done early in the morning before the sun comes out and softens the ground.  

So..if anyone is taking orders...Please keep the temps around 25 degrees, keep the moisture falling and give us just enough snows every week or so to keep things clean, white and beautiful.  Until spring - then we'll take warm and sunny days, great for growing grass which makes animals and farmers happy!



Cheapest Way to Buy Pastured Pork

Buy your pork by the side today.


We have fresh, new pigs being taken to the market this week.  If you are interested in ordering let us know ASAP.  

This blog article gives every detail down to the tiniest miniscule fact.  http://www.synergisticacres.com/blog/2014/11/29/what-does-12-a-pig-look-like.html

To order click here at our  Pork Order Page.  It's easy, it's economical and it's a great way to have a ready supply of quality pork in your freezer!

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