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Winter Isn't So Bad! ...at least this week!

Winter has "so far" turned out to be pretty mild.  The greatest part has been the sprinkling of nice days that have consistently interrupted the cold spells that have shown up.  This has allowed us to get a lot work done on the farm beyond the daily subsistence type chores.  This weekend was filled with a couple of these bonus jobs that we might not have been able to do if we had been dealing with the extra work of extreme temperatures or snow.  

One big job that was completed was we moved a bunch of next year's layers out to the pasture flock.  These were chicks that we hatched this fall and had been living with our front yard girls until they were old enough to start working in the pastures. Combining groups of chickens always involves a 'getting to know you' phase of the two groups.  Although chickens can be somewhat resistant to making new friends -- we have found when given the right amount of space, they do just fine.  Pecking order needs to be established, but that can be done fairly quickly and then they act just like a flock that's always been together.  

Another job that got done was building a new paddock and moving our breeding pigs into that pasture.  We keep our boy and girls separate and only put our breeding stock together when we want to have piglets.  Today, we put our two sows and boar together.  This should lead to piglets in June sometime.  Pig gestation time is 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours.  Large Blacks typically have 8-10 piglets in a litter.  You might want to set aside sometime to come visit the farm in late June to see some cute piglets!


Why do Families Buy Their Food from Us?

We find there are several reasons people buy their food from us.  

1) Welfare of the Animals
2) Healthfulness of the Food
3) Amazing taste of the Food
4) Farm Fresh and Local
5) Convenience 

Most of our customers buy from us for some medley of the above reasons.  Although most are aware of all of these positives  -- most customers have one of the above reasons that outweighs all of the others.  The one that if I asked, "Why do you choose our meat to feed your family?" it would be their answer. 

But the reality is a little more complex than that.  All of these things are intertwined and reliant on the others. Our animals do live a fantastic life just as they would in nature -- outside in harmony with nature.  This produces an incredibly nutritious meat because the animal has eaten the food on which it has evolved to flourish - therefore, keeping it's own body in balance and creating the most nourishing food possible.  

This healthy balanced food also has an amazing taste for those very same reasons -- it's diverse and nature-chosen food sources create complex and deep taste sensations that go beyond the bland meat we have become used to buying at the store and having to work a virtual magic show of spices and rubs to give it flavor.  Meat raised correctly already has this flavor in every bite.  

Raising food this way takes immense effort however and can only be accomplished on small local farms that sell directly to the consumer.  Large industrial scale agriculture simply cannot care for the animals in the way locally supported farms can.  By knowing the farmer directly, you are able to buy the food very conveniently and stock up for the season.

So although you may choose to buy Synergistic Acres' Meat because of one reason above all others, please know that as an added bonus, you are also accomplishing a lot of other goals all at once.

Why do you buy your food from us?


Pork by the Half - reserve your side by Feb 2nd - final chance this season

It's like having a meat counter at your house everyday!

We will be having a set of our very special organic fed and Pasture Raised Heritage hogs going to the Butcher this month.  This will be our last group for several months.  If you want to buy our pork in the most CONVENIENT and VALUED way, this is your chance!

When you buy pork by the half, you get important perks unavailable when you buy it by the cut.
  • The first is price - at $6/# hanging weight, this is the most economical way to buy our amazing pork.  You make one purchase at great savings over individual cuts.
  • Perhaps the most important reason to buy our pork in bulk is CONVENIENCE.  When you buy an entire half of pork you have essentially done a large part of your meat shopping for several months -- with one purchase.  Now, whenever you want to serve your family a very special meal of heritage pork -- all you have to is walk a couple steps to your freezer and pick out the packages that sound the best to you for dinner that night.  
  • Another key perk is cut CHOICE.  You want thick or thin bacon?  Do you like your sausage hot or mild?  How many chops per package are convenient for you?  What about the thickness of your chops?  It's your choice!  Jeff will call you and easily walk through the steps to ensure you get exactly what you need for a multitude of meals at your fingertips.

To see what buying half a pork would be like -- Visit this blog post on our site that details exactly what buying 1/2  pig looks like --- 

The cost is $6/# hanging weight and the typical 1/2 a hog weighs 70-90 pounds.  All processing fees are included in the price.  

This will be the final group of pigs going to market this season.  If you don't buy a 1/2 now -- you won't have another chance for many months.  We must have our orders by February 2nd.  Simply send us an email letting us know you are interested.  We will get back with you and find out how you want it cut, how to send in the deposit and arrange for delivery.  

Winter on the Farm!

The seasons are an essential part of farming.  Each season has a reason and we plan and schedule everything on the farm to fit within those seasons. This "working with" the seasons and nature is part of our core philosophy on the farm.  We don't try to overpower Mother Nature but embrace that the seasons change the intensity and type of our work and are grateful for the constant but predictable change working in sync with Nature brings.

In the winter, our farm chores change.  We have fewer animals which reduces the "amount" of chores. However, each animal's care becomes more difficult because of the added complications of winter.

The primary chore is managing water.   It is always about this time of year that we pine for the easy days of liquid water, where you can pour it and leave and not worry about it becoming a solid mass in the troughs quicker than you can warm up your toes inside.  Because we keep our animals all out on pasture, rotating throughout the winter, we have had to find ways to bring fresh water to them.  Our primary solution for this is using a large tank filled with several hundred gallons of water that we haul in the back of the truck.  We fill it from a frost free faucet outside.  Then we take this large tank of water out to each of the animal paddocks.  

Right now on the farm, we have our cow pasture, where they are being rotated daily onto fresh pasture supplemented with unrolled hay and they have two large 100 gallons troughs that get moved with them and filled 2x a day.  We also have our layer flock of hens who are habitating with our breeding flock of turkeys -  they get 5 gallons of water in a tub that we can break the ice on when needed.  Then, we have two separate paddocks of our pastured pigs who are rotated bi-weekly to new ground.  They have a large low 50 gallon trough in the winter that has to have the ice broken and refilled.  Lastly, we have our front yard flock of chickens that lives near the house.  We use a gravity waterer for them that we simply bring in each night, let it warm up and it stays ice free through the rest of the day (usually!).  

This winter has been particularly challenging because of the wetness in combination with chilliness.  Not cold enough to freeze everything solid, but cold enough at night that we are still dealing with frozen waters and animals that need constantly refreshed and dried bedding. Luckily, winter is just a season and it will soon be wrapping up and moving into the spring, when we will look back on the current slower pace and wish things could slow down a bit.


Do you know how to buy our meat?

We try to make it as easy as possible.

  1. SEE WHAT WE HAVE! The right hand sidebar of our regular emails shows you our current availability.  Or use this link to see an up to date list anytime.
  2. TELL US WHAT YOU WANTUse the order form to order online or just send us an email at jeff@synergisticacres.com with what you want to eat.
  3. GET YOUR FOOD!  You can always come out ot the farm to pick up your food or we make weekly deliveries up to the city on Wednesday afternoons at various times and places in the Lenexa and Overland Park areas.  
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