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My wife is simply AMAZING -- in case you didn't already know that.  

As mentioned earlier in the blog -- in early February, I became ill with some type of virus that put me in bed for several days.  During that time, Laura took over all the chores inside and out and the farm ran as good as it does even when I am working at full speed -- and I was amazed.  Not surprised, just in ever growing awe of a woman that shows me daily what she is capable of.

We laughed about it because one of the things Laura had told me in the beginning was I was not allowed to get sick on the farm.  Didn't seem like an unreasonable request at the time, since iy had it been years and years since I had been sick.  Well, at least we got that out of the way quickly, now back to farming.  

Then, this weekend, I woke up in the middle of the night unable to put any weight on my ankle and could not move it even slightly.  After visiting a few highly paid professionals, they all seemed to agree that I had torn a couple tendons in my ankle.  I have been on crutches and once again Super Woman has been taking on all of the farm chores inside and out and once again -- everything is running great.  She does this with two helpers with her at all times, often riding on her back.  These helpers no doubt add many things to the experience -- but ease is not one of them.  She is amazing!

I could not imagine a better life than what we are creating for ourselves and I could not imagine doing it without such an amazing partner.  



Processing our first batch of chickens

The time had arrived that the first batch of chickens were large enough to process (ranging from 4 - 7 pounds).  We decided to use the Featherman equipment and worked directly with David to choose a system that would meet our needs.  When Jeff drove up to pick-up Winchester, our Galloway bull from Minnesota, he swung by Jamesport, Missouri to pick up the Featherman equipment.  We had also purchased multiple things from an auction of a former BBQ restaurant - stainless steel tables, a large upright freezer, and shelving units.  

Despite our learning curve, processing the chickens went smoothly.  We processed 33 chickens in 5 hours.  The freezer is quite full!  We are considering this batch a learning experience as we tweak our skills, primarily in presentation.  We had planned to cook a fresh chicken for dinner, but we were tired out and had leftovers instead!

Once we were rested, we did cook several of these chickens and they have been wonderful...in soups, breaded and fried, roasted, in wraps, etc.  And the broth...amazing!  It's pretty awesome to know that the chicken on our table came from our very own farm.

We would like to share our bounty with you!  If you would like an opportunity to win a naturally-raised chicken from Synergistic Acres, leave a comment sharing your favorite chicken recipe.  After January 31st, we will choose THREE randomly selected winners from the entries and each winner will receive one of our best whole, frozen chickens. You are welcome to pick up your chicken here at the farm (take a tour and see where the chickens were raised) or make arrangements to meet us in or near Overland Park for delivery.  We are excited to share this delicious chicken with you and are looking forward to learning some great new chicken recipes!




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