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Every Job has a Season

One nice thing about farming is that there is such a  nice flow to the seasons.  Although there is never down time, there are always transitions and just about the time you have worked so incredibly hard on one thing, it's time to move on to something else.  We like to think of this as rejuvenating -- rather than never-ending.

A great example of this is our on-farm chicken processing.  Processing hundreds of birds on farm every spring and fall is a LOT of work for the whole family.  The good news is that this hard work has a season.  Once it's done, we transition to the hard work of summer and by the time it's time to start processing again in the fall, we will be ready and approach it with all new enthusiasm.  


Ugly Pumpkin Round Up

 Halloween will be over and the pumpkin patch will be full of ugly, misshapen and unwanted pumpkins. They may not be the perfect jack-o-lantern, but they will make an incredibly delicious treat for our always hungry pigs.  

Our Heritage Pigs feast on this natural treat for many weeks. To gather them though, we need your help! 

Meet us at a local Pumpkin Patch on Sunday, November 2nd at 10:00am. We will have trailers ready to load with hundreds of pumpkins. Any age can help toss pumpkins into the trailers so bring the family, help a farmer and have fun! We will go though their fields picking up as many pumpkins as we can find. 

After loading the trailers, we invite you to come back to farm with us and help us feed them to the pigs. They will love their first pumpkin treats of the year.

Please comment, call or email and we will make sure to meet up with you there.  Thank you!


Spring 2014 Tours

spring tours at Synergistic Acres, dates announced for 2014We'd love to have you visit the farm this spring!  Please join us on one of our spring tours.

We will load up the hay wagons and take a narrated tour through the pastures so you can see how your food is raised.  Check out how each animal is raised and ask any questions you have.  The wagon leaves the gate at 4p and will last about 90 minutes.  Pre-ordered chicken pick-ups will commence following the tour.


Sunday, May 25th 4p

Sunday, June 1st, 4p

It is so much fun being around other people EXCITED about good, clean, local food!  Please rsvp so we plan enough seating for all.  We hope to see you soon!


our new piglets!

This week, we were happy to welcome an active, alert and adorable litter of piglets!  These 8 wrinkles of cuteness were born to our original Large Black sow and boar pair.  She has been a consistenly good mama and has healthy piglets so we are excited to continue these genetics. 

our two sows with the new shelter in the backgroundWe tried something new for this litter, a personal pasture with a special shelter.  With the weather being unpredictable in March, we wanted to provide some additional shelter and nesting material for the sow.  Their shelter provides protection from rain and wind as well as allows a little heat to build up should a super cold day occur (which it did, of course, as we live in Kansas).  Sow was pastured with boar and another younger sow until a day or two before we thought she'd farrow (have her piglets).  At that time, we put a line of electric fence wire to divide the pasture into two separate pastures.  That way, sow can still touch and hear the other pigs, but the piglets are safe from massive boar who might accidentally squish them in his attempt to get into the shelter.  Also, sow would have more room to maneuver in her shelter so that she wouldn't accidentally squish her piglets.  

peeking at the hours-old pigletsGary, my father-in-law and frequent farm volunteer, constructed the shelter from 2x6s and old barn tin.  It's a basic rectangular shape with reinforced corners.  One side is open to allow for easy accessibility.  We use a tractor to transport it and anticipate it can be used anytime we need a shelter, not only for pigs.  A week before sow was due, we moved the shelter to the pig's pasture so they would be familar with it and tossed in some straw so they could build a nest.  They promptly adopted the shelter as the perfect place to sleep.  

our Large Black sow is an attentive mamaWe noticed sow was looking very near to birthing and increased our visits to her pasture, just to be sure all was well.  During morning chores, Jeff was pleased to see not just a sow in the shelter, but a whole litter of piglets with her.  Mama and piglets were doing great, resting after their big night.  We continued to check on them frequently and observed sow being very attentive and appropriately protective.  

It won't be long before these little ones are up and exploring pasture living on their own!  They were born at an optimal time as the pastures are just starting to regreen!


the chicks are here! & ordering schedule for pasture raised chicken

We had kinda forgot how adorable they are, but as soon as the mail carrier opened his car and we heard the cacaphony of cheep*cheep*cheep, we smiled remembering the little yellow balls of fluff.

The brooder was ready with fresh bedding, heat, water and food so all we had to do was unpack the chicks from their mailing boxes.  As a momma, I loved the genuine looks of delight and wonder in the girls' eyes.  

We will start taking orders for pasture raised chicken on Saturday, through our blog/email so check back with us then if you'd like to reserve some for yourself.  We raise Cornish, Prairie Ranger and Heritage chickens.  Pasture rasied chicken will be available starting mid-May, with several pick-up dates scheduled for the end of May and early June.  We plan to raise more chicks in the fall, once the heat of the summer is past, which usually means October-ish availibility.

the chicks are hatched at a nearby hatchery and arrive the next day, via usps

the chicks travel safely in divided boxes and keep each other warm

our brooder is spacious so they can choose the most comfortable spaces depending on their needs

the Synergistic Acres girls love to play 'mother hen'

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