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Summer Farm Tour

Our Summer farm tour was a well attended by an excited and observant group of people.  Several long-time customers who had not had the chance to see the farm came as well as brand new customers and a few potential new customers -- as well as a few other aspiring farmers wanting to see how it works on someone else's farm.  The weather was perfect -- dry, not too hot, and a beautiful clear sky.  We are always energized by seeing the great excitement people have when they see a way their food can be raised that they can feel good about.


Pastured Chicken Season Comes to a Close + chickens & beef available!

This weekend marked the end of a wonderful Pastured Chicken season for Synergistic Acres.  We raised and processed several hundreds of chickens this fall!  Though it is a ton of work, we gratefully appreciate being able to process our own poultry, knowing that our chickens had a quality life, superior food, natural living conditions and a humane end.  We heartily thank our many processing helpers - from friends of the farm, curious eaters, to friends and dedicated family.  

 In particular this weekend, ALL our parents helped with processing and it was an awesome day!  Every step of the process was enhanced by the capable and knowledgable hands.  It was truly a family effort!  My dad helped with household upgrades including some additional lighting in the barn.  No pics of me because I did not take a selfie while eviserating chickens ;)  All told, we processed 102 chickens on Saturday.

The best part of that news is that we have some Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available for YOU!  We pre-sell most of our chickens, but, depending on the growing season, sometimes we are able to grow a few more than we pre-sell.  Head on over to our Natural Meats ordering page and scroll down to the bottom to order your chickens today.  Limited supply!

We've yet to make an official announcement, but we also have select cuts of 100% Heritage Grass-fed beef available.  Again, you can check it out on the ordering page near the bottom of the form.

On-farm pickup is available or I'll be in Lenexa on Wednesday.  Thank you for your support of another great season growing chickens on pasture!




Do you have an unused or extra upright freezer?   We have increased the amount of meat we are selling by the cut which is forcing us to expand our freezer space.  Most ideal for our systems is a larger upright freezer.  We are dealing with extremely valuable cargo here, so the freezer must be reliable and freeze well.  If you or someone you know has a freezer they'd like to consider selling to us, please give us a holler!


Pipeline Project

We have been doing a lot of these type diagrams in the design of our waterline system.  The good news -- everything seems to work!



the HEAT is ON!


This has been a summer for the record books.  We have had more rain on the farm than we have ever had in our short but intense farming careers. Although we have had a great amount of rain -- which has thankfully kept our fields green --  it has not been without the heat, just included even higher than normal humidity.  Did you know humidity affects our animals in much the same way it affects you?  It makes it more difficult for their bodies natural cooling to effectively keep them comfortable and healthy.  

As the farmers entrusted with their care, we do everything possible to reduce that stress.  The most important thing is always ensuring they have fresh available water to keep hydrated. (Have you heard about our exciting and extensive pipeline system designed to provide fresh on-demand water to every animal on the farm all the time?)  The next most important thing is to ensure our animals have protection from the heat. We do this with careful planning of their rotations.  Knowing July and August are going to be the hardest months in regards to heat, we always plan places for the pigs, the cattle and the chickens to be where they will have access to shade and if it's not there naturally, we add it.  An example is right now the cattle are at my Dad's nearby pastures grazing on his amazing sweet clover fields. However, there is not much shade available. So we use a 20-foot stock trailer as a mobile shade structure.  It gets moved with them daily to their new paddock giving them fresh clean shady places to lounge.  The pigs are given wallows, or their favorite -- access to the pond.  The chickens and turkeys spend the hottest part of the day in the shade of the trees scratching and foraging there, then coming out to the pastures to hunt the grasshoppers once the heat begins to wane. 

Even the farmers have to take special precautions.  We choose to live without air conditioning in our house which keeps us very in-tune with the cycle of heat that our animals experience.   We find ways of adjusting to Nature's rhythms as we plan our work schedules to be inside when it's coolest and outside when the house becomes too hot to enjoy. 

We know the same things the animals do.  The summer heat is essential for a thriving healthy ecosystem and as long as we do not get in the way of how nature has developed to keep our animals healthy and thriving during this time, they will do great and be ready for the next season which is inevitable and coming too quickly.

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