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the 'offal' truth about farming

If you want to really SUPPORT your Farmer and make a difference -- be adventurous with your cooking!
You know that when you buy food from our farm, you are not just getting GREAT tasting food that is nutritious, you are also making the world a better place by supporting agricultural processes that enrich the land every day.  However, there is a way you can do EVEN MORE.  

A pig is more than bacon.
A cow is more than steaks.
A chicken is more than breasts.

If you really want to take all of the benefits of buying from a small local farm and multiply them several times -- THEN INCLUDE ORGAN MEATS IN YOUR DIET.

When we have animals processed we also get the organ meats and offal.  These are some of the most NUTRITIOUS and ECONOMICAL parts of the animals to eat.  However, since they have not been a regular part of the American diet for a while (and we see what that has done for us) many people have forgotten how to cook them and are not in the habit of ordering them.  

Here are some of the organ meats we sell and their nutritional benefits.

The most common types of organ meat include:

  • Liver: Liver is the detox organ. It's also the nutritional powerhouse of organ meats and sometimes referred to as "nature's multivitamin."  
  • Heart: The role of the heart is to pump blood around the body.  It is actually very lean and tasty.  Often sautéed in butter.
  • Kidneys: Like humans, mammals have two kidneys. Their role is to filter waste and toxins out of the blood. Often prepared by a simple stir-fry in butter.
  • Trotters: The feet of the pigs.  Most commonly used in stocks and soups to add depth to the flavor and thicken up the sauce due to the dissolved collagen.
  • Pork Skin: the cleaned and scraped skin of the pig.  Typically is used to make fried pork rinds.  Can also be dried and smoked and made into great chew toys for dogs.  
  • Pork Fries: These are the testicles.  They are very edible and considered a delicacy across the world.  Most commonly fried and referred to as Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  • Leaf Lard and Back Fat: Both are simply the fat of the pig that you would use to make lard.  Making lard is a simple the process of slowly heating the fat to liquefy it.   Skim impurities off the top and then pour into a jar to cool and use in cooking.  
The great thing is finding a way to cook these is as simple as typing into google or asking Alexa -- there are thousands of recipes for every organ.  By cooking them you are being adventurous, possibly finding new favorites and eating VERY nutritionally dense foods.

Additionally, you make an important contribution to our farm by adding value to the animals we raise and therefore increasing the profitability and by extension, viability of the farm.

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