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Are you a Broth Lover? GOOD NEWS!

Chicken bones are back in stock! 

Why would people be clamoring for chicken bones?  It's not for voodoo rituals (although they might work for that, too).  People want them because they make great broth.

Laura has written a great article showing how she makes a very delicious bone broth that you can read on our blog here.  She often uses an Instant Pot these days and the results are equally amazing.  Perhaps it is time for an update on the blog...any other Instant Pot users out there?

The bones are packaged two backs per bag, weigh approx 3# and are $7.50 per bag.  Each back can easily make 4-5 quarts of chicken broth.  Thick, nutrient filled, healing broth.  

If you are interested in making some nutritious and delicious broth for your family, just let us know how many chicken bone bags you would like us to bring and we can deliver them on Wednesday.  Limited quantities available.  Next anticipated availability is November.  

We also have chicken livers,
 hearts and gizzards in stock.  Get 'em before they're gone!


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