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Know your Farmer's Farmer

A mantra you may be used to hearing lately is how important it is to KNOW YOUR FARMER.  However, it is equally important to know your farmer's farmer. See, when you buy chicken or pork from us, you are also buying the feed the animals have been fed.  And although when you buy one chicken, that doesn't amount to much feed, when we take into consideration of all the feed we buy on the farm, it is tens of thousands of pounds a year.  That equals a big vote of what kind of food we want to be grown. We have always been committed to organic practices and buying organic feed, and have felt very fortunate that we have found so many other people who value that same thing.  

However, organic can mean a lot of different things so we are always working to make sure that we don't just rely on a government certification, but rather focus on actually knowing the farmer. We have developed that relationship now and are getting all our feed from a local farmer in Emporia, KS.  His name is Gail Fuller. He grows a wide variety of crops organically and of course all non-GMO.   In many ways, he goes way beyond organic as he is extremely committed to soil health.   We have worked with him and with feed nutritionists to develop healthy rations for our poultry and swine using the grains he grows.  These are NO SOY and NO CORN rations using grains such as mung beans, peas, milo, rye, sunflower seeds, and wheat.  We have been slowly transitioning to using his feed exclusively and the animals have been doing very well on it.   We are now using this feed for all our swine and poultry on the farm.

This is a perfect example of the choices you make about fixing your dinner go beyond just what you put on the plate.  The choices you make about your dinner change the world, in a very important way.  Imagine the world where there were millions of farms like Gail's, growing rich, diverse crops that fed millions of other farms growing rich and diverse livestock feeding millions of people, a rich and diverse diet.  This is the world you are helping to create when you buy from farms like ours.  


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