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Apostle becomes Royalty

When we went searching for a bull, we had one major criterion in mind.  We wanted a bull that ultimately produced fantastic grass fed beef.  Our decision to choose Apostle as our herd sire had some rather exciting confirmation this Week.  Judy Decker, the previous owner of Apostle, let us know that his daughter Calamity Jane (pictured above) was awarded the 2017 National Championship in carcass quality.  This means that when the best of the best Galloway in the entire nation got together to decide which cattle would make the best beef, Apostle's daughter was determined to be the Grand Champion.  
It is interesting how this is determined.  They use a very sophisticated ultrasound system to be able to measure ribeye sections, backfat and even intramuscular fat while the animal is still alive and then make a judgment on the quality of the beef.   

We were very proud to hear that the progeny of our new Herd Sire had such great results and wait anxiously (about three years from now!) to taste the results of adding him to our herd.  

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