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Meet Apostle

As we shared with you last month the sudden & unexpected loss of our herd Sire, Winchester, left a sudden job opening at the farm.  This job opening had very specific qualifications.  We ask a lot of a Bull working on our farm.  First, he must have GREAT grass-fed Galloway genetics. In addition, since our farm has hundreds of visitors every year, he must have a trusted, gentle disposition.   Plus, he must be ruggedly handsome!  These qualifications are difficult to meet when working with a rare heritage breed.  Our search had us looking all over the continent.  Luckily, an ideal situation opened up.  A nationally recognized Galloway breeder, Judy Decker of Renaissance Farms, who happens to be based in Kansas, decided to rotate her 3-year-old Sire out of their herd.  It was perfect timing and a perfect fit.  We were able to get this AMAZING bull who fit all our criteria and he was just a couple hours away from us.

Apostle is now living at Synergistic Acres.  He was in a separate pasture for a couple weeks as he went through a  quarantine and adjustment period.  During the quarantine, he spent a lot of time eyeing the herd when he can see them up on the hill, itching to do his job once he is introduced to the herd.

Once introduced, he quickly greeted everyone and made himself at home as they all got to know each other. We shared several short videos on our facebook page of the introduction.   There was some initial tossing amongst the boys.  However, Apostle is quite a bit larger than any of the other male cattle.  Dominance was quickly established without any real fighting.  

We can't wait to see next Fall what kind of calves we end up welcoming with our new Bull, Apostle.

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