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It's FREEZING on the Farm!

Flying Freezer


One thing that is an unavoidable aspect of being purveyors of fine meat is you are also in the freezer maintenance business.  We are constantly looking at the most efficient and cost effective way of storing our products before they are purchased.  Now that we are running a CSA, which gives members regular year-round supplies of our premium cuts, it means we also have to keep more inventory stored safely.  We have slowly built a collection of several freezers to keep all of our meat frozen until we deliver to eager eaters.

We recently picked up several commercial freezers from a  local grocery store that had gone out of business.  The picture shows one freezer, a typical ice storage freezer but it will work great for storing meat -- It's HUGE!  

As is usual, one little project -- buying a couple new freezers -- leads to another bigger project.   In this case, the larger project was rearranging the arrangement of the freezers so they would be more centrally located in one area and we added two new electrical circuits and installed several new outlets so all the freezers are on dedicated and independent circuits that add extra protection from anything happening to our meat.  We started this project last week during a cool rainy day and ended it today in a not so cool and much less wet day (as long as you don't count the sweat running down both of our faces).  I guess maybe we should have climbed into one of those freezers to test it out.  


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