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Family's Coming, what are you serving?


If you are fond of traditions and great food with loving family, then you'll agree that a ham raised on our farm would be the perfect centerpiece to your family feast.


A lot goes into creating our hams.  It starts, of course, with the pig.  We raise our pigs outside, on grass in pastures that are rotated every fourteen days to ensure a clean, healthy environment for the pigs.  The pigs we raise thrive in this pasture based method because of their rare Heritage genetics that have changed little for hundreds of years.  Large Black Hogs are known for their ability to convert pasture forage into gourmet meat.   

Next is the feed the pigs receive.  In addition to natural forages they get from the pasture, they are also fed hundreds of gallons of whey from a local, organic dairy, thousands of pounds of apple pomace from a local cider mill, thousands of organic sweet potatoes from another local farm and a nutritious mix of organic grains.  This diverse diet provides a complex and delicious flavor profile to the meat that makes our hams incredibly special.  

The last step is the curing of the ham.  Ours is cured by the award winning meat artisans at Paradise Meats in Trimble, Missouri.  They start with a Maple Sugar brine in which the ham is soaked before getting smoked to infuse a sweet, savory flavor.  The hams are just the right amount of sweet deliciousness without being overly flavored to cover up the fantastic pork.  The ham is fully cooked, so will only need to be reheated and served. 

We would be honored to share one of our hams with you.  Just reply to this email and let us know what size works best for you.  They range from 3 - 9 pounds and are just $10.75 per pound.  They are available for pick-up from the farm by appointment or we would be happy to bring one up to the city for you.  

Our deliveries this week are:
Wednesday, March 23rd
3:45 91st and Metcalf
4:30 95th and I35
5:30-6 Bulk it in old Lenexa

Thursday, March 24th
4:15 151st and 69 hwy
5:00 151st and 69 hwy

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