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Make your Easter special with a VERY Special Ham

A lot of "specialness" goes into making your Easter so Special

Our hams taste FANTASTIC.  They are pre-cooked, Maple Sugar cured, and smoked.  It is a three week process to slow cure the hams to perfection.  They would make an elegant and delicious centerpiece for your Easter family meal.

Our pigs are Special - They are a rare Heritage breed, Large Black.  Once upon a time, they were one of the most popular pigs raised on thousands of small farms.   They were revered for their ability to convert forage and natural foods into the most delicious pork.  However, when the economics of food changed to favor cheap food grown intensively indoors, Large Blacks lost favor.  There are now fewer than 500 breeding sows in the United States.  We are helping their comeback and so are our customers that are once again valuing them for their AMAZING pork.

Our Farm is Special - We treat our pigs very differently than most farms.  We honor the pigginess of the pig and allow them a natural life.  We have found, that by honoring them as pigs, they reward us by helping our land while growing healthy and strong.   We don't just raise them outside, we raise them in woodlots and pastures.  These paddocks are rotated every couple weeks to ensure they are fresh and with rest, will be ready for the pigs to return in a year or so.  

Their Diet is Special - The pigs find an incredible amount of their diet in our woods and pastures.  They find nuts and roots and berries, they chomp on grass, and even eat the bark of trees that are rotting away.  We supplement their foraging with other natural foods.  We search out and offer seasonal surpluses such as 1000's of pounds of pumpkins, truckloads of acorns, hundreds of pounds of organic sweet potatoes, and many tons of apples.  Additionally, they have free choice whey from a local dairy and vegetable surplus from local organic grocery stores.  Sourcing all of this local and nutritional food takes an immense amount of time.  However, the flavor of pork is affected dramatically by the food they eat.  That's why we work hard to provide a lot of diversity to their diet, so you get a rich, complex flavor in your pork.  

Their Butchering is Special - We use the best butcher in the area, Paradise Meats in Trimble, MO.  The butchering is crucial anytime you are dealing with meat.  However, it is infinitely more important when dealing with cured meats.  This is when the butcher becomes a chef.  The Fantasma family uses traditional recipes to cure their smoked maple-cured hams.  


Email or call to reserve your ham today.  We will be delivering to the Kansas City area on Wednesday, March 23rd and Thursday, March 24th.

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