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How many eggs does a hen lay each day?

Did one hen lay all these???As we check for eggs daily, it is a common sight to see a hen in a nestbox with 6 or 8 eggs.  Hens are social creatures and when they see another hen laying an egg in a particular spot, they seem to think that is a good spot.  It's not that one hen hops in the nestbox and lay 8 eggs at once - many hens take turns (or sometimes squeeze in a nest at the same time) and each lay their egg.  After the job is done, some hens will hop right up and leave the nest in search of some tasty pasture.  Other hens will sit on their egg (and any others already laid there) for a while before moving on.  But, several hens will lay in one nest box through the course of the day.  There are definite favorite nest boxes as some will have a dozen eggs while others are not even used.  The whims of a chicken!

Munurva is several years old and probably just lays 2 eggs each week

An industrial chicken will lay an egg about every 26 hours.  Each of our pasture raised chickens probably lay just one egg every two or three days.  We do not select solely for egg production, we also value hardiness, forage ability, and egg color.  Laying an egg also requires ample resources to do so and if a hen is stressed or lacks nutrients, she will not lay as many eggs.  Also, as a hen ages, production slows down.  Seasons affect egg laying as the hen's body is responding to light exposure.  Spring and summer bring more eggs than fall and winter.  As the hours of daylight decrease, so does egg production.  


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