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Do hens need roosters to lay eggs?

You often see roosters and hens raised together yet a rooster is not necessary in a flock for eggs to be laid.  A hen will lay eggs regardless of the presence of a rooster.  Her eggs will not be fertile, but she will still lay.  


A rooster often provides protection to the flock.  He will be watchful for predators and alert the flock which gets all the hens running for cover.  A rooster will also help establish a pecking order.  Did you know some roosters are chilvarous?  They will find a tasty treat and scratch at the ground while loud clucking to get the attention of any ladies nearby and essentially show them the treat.  


A rooster will try to impress hens by strutting his stuff.  He'll puff up his feathers and grandly walk about the pasture, giving a beautiful crow every once in a while.  Sometimes, he'll dip a wing down and turn in a circle, which is defintely meant to impress!  I bet when you visit, you will be entertained, at least!

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