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I love the blue eggs!

a.k.a. Why eggs are different colors?

a rainbow of hues are discovered in our nest boxes each day

Each day, we gather up the eggs from our layer flock and we delight in the variety of colors.  We keep a variety of breeds of chickens so that we get a variety of egg colors.  Breeds have been selected over generations to produce a particular egg color.  Our Marans lay a deep brown egg, our Easter Eggers lay blues or greens, our Australorp lay a medium brown, the Golden Laced Wyandottes lay a creamy brown.  And we have a few other breeds mixed in for variety as well.  We enjoy the variety of egg colors and the variety of hens in our flock.

As an egg passes thru the hens oviduct, the hen may release a pigment that colors the basic white shell.  The blue or green pigments are released early in the process and the pigment will permeate the entire shell so from the inside or out, the egg is blue or green.  However, the brown pigments are generally released later and just coat the shell before it is laid, so while the outside is brown, the inside is still white.  Interesting, an olive egg (these are my favorites!), is basically a blue egg that is then coated with brown pigment.  Pretty cool!

Elma, a barred rock, lays light brown eggsDo the different color eggs taste different?  I don't think so - if you consider eggs from the same flock.  However, if you compare blue eggs from our flock to green eggs from another flock, it is quite possible they would taste differently.  Eggs respond to the nutrition of the hen and that varies flock to flock.  

Feather or ear lobe color are sometimes thought to predict egg color, but we have not experienced that.  

One last tidbit, it takes about 20 hours for the shell to be formed and 26 hours total for an egg to go from ovary to nestbox. 

Next time you have an egg, check out the lovely shell!

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