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Eggs are still in season!

This time of year, people familiar with pasture raised eggs really begin savoring each and every colorful shell they can bring home.  That's because eggs are a seasonal item.  A hen has a natural cycle to her egg laying and during the winter her body begins a molt where she will lose most of her feathers and replace those feathers with new ones.   While the molt is going on, the hen's body naturally redirects all resources into growing new feathers, and not into producing eggs.

This annual cycle is surprisingly triggered by the light.  As soon as the light dips below 12 hours, egg production takes a nosedive.  There are however many factors that influence that.  One big influence is the age of the hen.  A younger hen will often wait longer to go into a molt and will finish faster.  

This is what is helping our hens to continue producing so strongly.  It has been very nice to come inside with   egg baskets literally spilling over with eggs - in October!

Although we feel very fortunate, we know so eggs numbers will drop quickly and we will be back to having to ration out a small supply of eggs amongst a huge demand.  In the meantime, enjoy an extra egg in your omelet or buy an extra dozen in the next week or so to store for later when there may not be any eggs available.

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