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You are the KEY to Synergistic Acres' success

Happy New Year!

We are VERY excited about the prospects of what 2016 holds for our customers and our farm.

Our farm just reached a milestone in Late November as we had our official 4 year anniversary.  4 years means we have had just enough time that not everything is new anymore -- but not nearly enough time to not be continually surprised by new challenges.  Because they keep coming!

2016 will be a VERY IMPORTANT year for Synergistic Acres.  The farm has grown to a size now where it's customers will be a driving force in the direction it takes. We have spent four years acquiring breeding and raising stock to get our numbers up to where we have sufficient product to support farm operations. We have put in 10s of thousands of dollars in infrastructure to allow us to efficiently raise these animals outside on pasture in natural environments.  We have developed systems that allow us to run the farm as fluidly as a farm allows.  We have spent 1000s of hours developing relationships with hundreds of customers earning their trust and respect and support. 

This is the year where all that comes together and we begin to LAUNCH this farm into a new phase.  This phase will quite honestly have an ultimate effect on our farm and t's very near future.  This is entirely driven by YOU -- our customer.  

Our farm and the animals we raise rely on you doing a lot of weird stuff.  We know this.  

  • We require you to realize that cheap food is a lie and that the prices we have become accustomed to at the store are only possible because of a huge embedded cost paid by the environment, the animals, our health and our future.
  • We force you to look outside of the grocery store for your meat.  To plan ahead and to buy your family's food before dinner is an imminent thought.
  • We ask you to cook.  Sounds weird.  But only 65% of meals are eaten at home in America and more is spent on food from restaurants than from grocery stores.  Our food is much higher quality than any food you'll buy at a restaurant and much cheaper when compared to similar restaurant bought meat, but it does require an investment of time in the kitchen.

But with all these requirements comes great benefits.  When you serve your family our food you have deep amount of certainty.

  • You know EXACTLY where and how your food was raised from the very beginning.
  • You are ASSURED that the cost of your food is supporting the type of farm that you value.
  • You can be CERTAIN that the meat you are feeding your family is the healthiest that you can feed them.
  • You FEEL GOOD because the food you are eating is nutritionally dense food.  Eating healthy is never a sacrifice.

This is where we take our farm's future and put it in your hands.  WIll you support the farm by making our meat a regular part of your family's meals?  Will you be weird enough to make the changes necessary to ensure a long life of our farm.  The only support that ensures this is buying the products we sell, even if it's just a little on a regular basis.  

Every time you use your fork you are casting a vote for the type of farms we will have in the future. We have put all our chips on building a farm that raises healthy nutritious meat and connects with customers in a completely honest and transparent way.  Now, we wait anxiously to see if our customers will come through and ensure that they want farms like ours to continue raising animals in this way.  You cannot count on everyone else supporting the cause -- it has to come from you.

Even if you can't commit to spending 100% of your meat buying budget on honestly-grown, clean meat, then commit to serving one meal a month with food from our farm.  Or maybe one meal a week is do-able.  It'll make a difference in your health, it'll be delicious and it will ensure our farm can continue to grow more food in a way you want it to be grown.

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