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Seeing is Believing + spring tours

You follow Synergistic Acres because you care about food quality. You purchase our meat because you know it is naturally-raised, fed organically and raised without antibiotics.  You have seen that we are a pasture based farm and know this type of food is healthy for you and your family.

You buy your pork, chicken, beef, turkey and eggs in confidence that it was made from a happy animal—a robust ruminant that had the pleasure of living its life on verdant pastures, happily chewing its cud or an energetic pig that used its sturdy snout to plow up soft earth or even a chicken that enjoyed dust baths and chasing after grasshoppers and eating grass (yes, chickens eat grass!).  

BUT, how do you KNOW that is really how we raise our animals?  Are you confident that you can trust what we say on the blog or facebook?  Are the pictures we share online really from our farm?  Have you personally visited the farm to see for yourself?


(especially when labels are so confusing anyway!)

Farmers (and advertisers) are keen on what consumers want, which is why most farm products are graced with images of green pastures and happy animals.  However, it is up to you to ensure the pretty pictures mesh with reality.  We believe there are all types of consumers and all types of farmers.  

  • Some consumers want Heritage meat and some farmers want to focus solely on growing Heritage animals.
  • Some consumers want cheap meat and some farmers want to produce meat cheaply.
  • Some consumers want organic everything and some farmers are certified to produce that way.
  • And there are some consumers who value naturally raised products and farmers that enjoy producing food in such a manner.

 Any of these situations, and many more, are valid partnerships.  It is the dissonance of a consumer wanting naturally raised meat that is swayed by a picture of a chicken on a lush pasture, when the farmer is really raising the chicken in a large indoor barn.  Or the consumer that wants grass fed beef and finds a farmer that purports their beef is grass fed but fails to mention that grain is also provided.  Small detail.  What about the consumer that believes 'organic' means raised in the sunshine and fresh air?

How do you know what animals are grown?  How they are grown?  Where they spend their days?  What types of food they have access to?  How they are treated?

Well, we think SEEING IS BELIEVING and we have commited ourselves to...

  • sharing our own pictures and videos on facebook, nearly daily
  • updating the blog regularly with pictures, thoughts and narrations on farm life
  • offering narrated hayride tours several times each year

 We believe if you see it with your own eyes, you can answer those questions!  Please join us in continuing the conversations about the ways in which we grow and produce food in the Kansas City area.

Spring Tours are Sundays, May 17 and June 7.  The hay ride leaves the gate at 4pm and the tour lasts about 90 minutes.  We will take you to see each of our animals and explain how we raise them on our farm.  We answer any questions and enjoy conversations about pasture raised food!  Let us know you are attending and we'll save you a hay bale!



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