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5 EASY Steps to Roasting a Chicken

Every time I share my favorite way to cook one of our pasture raised and organic fed chickens, people look at me like I am crazy.  Considering I use this method every week of the year, I know it actually works!  This is my go-to, quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious dinner.  I even took pictures one day to show how super simple and easy this can be.  Spoiler Alert: one of the steps involves placing a lid onto a pot - I'm talking EASY!!!  You can do it!  No need to be afraid of cooking a whole chicken - and especially not when there is such goodness at the end!

1. Unwrap frozen chicken.  Yes, FROZEN!  Easy enough so far, right?

2.  Place frozen chicken in a large pot.  Either side up.

3. Place lid on pot.  Still with me?

4.  Place pot into the oven.  Set temp to 350.  Smaller (3-4 pounder) chickens will cook in about 90 minutes.  Larger (4-5 pounders) will cook in about 2 hours.  My oven is nice and wafts yummy chicken smells into the air when the chicken is done so I pull it out when it smells good.  You can pull it out after 90-120 minutes (see size notes above) and check for doneness visually or take a quick temp reading (around 145 in the thigh).

5.  This is the best step because you get to sample!  Pull off the meat from the chicken (if you're not sure how, Jeff offers a chicken cut-up class, check out YouTube or come visit me someday when I'm cooking chicken and I'm happy to show you) and you are all set to enjoy moist and flavorful pasture raised chicken!  Because of the way we raise them on pasture and with organic feed, the meat is tender and delicious without any fancy additions.  I don't have to be a fancy cook because the meat I start with is exceptional by default.  Just don't overcook it or it will dry out!

Really, there is a sixth step - take advantage of those great bones and make a nourishing bone broth.  That's just more value for your money and the nutritional benefits are awesome!

Try an oven roasted chicken this way and let me know what you think!  Right now, we have a few Cornish Cross and Prairie Ranger chickens available.  Pasture-raised, of course!  

NOW AVAILABLE Pastured, Heritage Pork cuts, 100% Grass fed Heritage Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

 You can do this, right?  Five easy steps and you'll have an amazing dinner for you and your family!


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