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spring adorableness arrives - - - puppies!

The storm brought flash flooding, hail and a shower of puppies. What a night to be born!We are fortunate to have a healthy litter of ten Great Pyrenees pups on the farm.  Mara is an excellent mama and Charlie keeps a safe distance from the protective mother.  

They were born on April 2 - you might remember the huge storm we had?  Here at Synergistic Acres, we had 5.8 inches of rain that night, along with hail and gusty winds...and a shower of puppies.  The puppy den was flooding and we had to elevate it with some beams.  Fortunately, the puppies were able to stay warm and dry and have thrived under the care of their mama.Our weather station actually said this...how appropriate! Someone at Davis has a sense of humor :)

It won't be long before the puppies start venturing out of their den, exploring and playing and then learning the ropes of being a livestock guardian dog.  Please leave suggestions for names in the comments, we have 7 girls and 3 boys to keep track of!One week old and already you can see how much they have grown. Predators, watch out!


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Reader Comments (2)

Flash, Stormy, Boom-Boom, Misty, Windy, Gusty, Crash, Electra, Hailey, Icer, Radar, Raina, Rainbow, Sparky, Thunder, Bolt, Tempest, Gale, Squall, Fury

April 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAndrea

LOVE the names, Andrea!

April 12, 2014 | Registered CommenterFarmer Hamons

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