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open & real

One of the core missions of our farm is to connect people to their food.  We are committed to being open and real with our customers during each step of us growing healthy and nutritious food for their families.  Open to questions.  Real with our answers.  Open to visits.  Real with the tours.  Open to sharing our daily life.  Real with the stories.  for better or worse, we take all our own pics :)

We hold the belief firmly that being open and real is the only way to run our farm. Did you know every single image we post about our farm is taken by us, on our land?  We want you to see the real environment, the real animals.  Not just some pretty or cute picture.  

Not long ago, we saw a local farm share a picture of a turkey in a lush pasture, yet we know from experience that the farm does not raise their turkeys on pasture and felt very misled.  Granted, the farmer did not state the turkey was his, but in sharing the image, the implication was there.  The problem we see with that is that buyers are not buying what they believe they are buying.  This can hurt all small farms because it can erode the trust consumers have in buying food directly from a farm.

We think it is critically important to know your farmer.  To know what is going on.  To know how the animals are being treated.  And we know you cannot be here every day, so we share with you on the blog and on facebook and by emails.  

We know that by being open and real with you, you are able to make informed decisions about the food you feed your family.  We consider ourselves to be "customer certified" rather than relying on USDA or other third party certifications.  

We encourage you to ask your farmer questions, visit your farmer on the farm, and be aware of their online communications.  It takes a little time, but we think it's essential to trusting your farmers and being connected with your food.

What are your thoughts?  Have you visited a farm?  Is it important to you to have open conversations with your farmer?

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