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a revamped office space

A year and a half ago, when we bought this house, we knew the formal dining room would better suit our family as an office space.  After all, we'd be running a family farm together and would need a home base from which to conduct our business.  We also use our office for family activities and as an available space to pull out projects.

Our revamp started with removing the wallpaper, which turned out to be a terrible experience.  Though we could remove the shimmery floral wall-paper, the wallpaper backing stuck tight or tore off with the wallboard still attached!  My mom helped with this tedious step and we spent hours and hours steaming and then removing tiny bits of backing.  Eventually, the walls were paper-free and I began working to repair, prepare and paint.  Putting up the new color was such a refreshing change for the room.  

You might notice the hole in the wall in the first picture.  We don't quite know why there is a hole in the wall there, but decided to close it off.  My dad helped out first by helping plan how to close the space and secondly by building the cover.  What a difference cover the gaping hole made in the room's feeling!

Arranging the furniture, selecting some wall decor and adding a rug complete the office.  The desk is in the foreground of the second picture and we also planned for some comfy sitting.  This room is right off the kitchen and having it decorated in our style really adds to the feeling of the house being ours.  Slowly but surely, in the midst of farming, we are making progess with house projects.  Next up, I'll tackle yet another wallpaper project - the room we refer to as the pink kitten room!

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