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movie : : : Fresh

There are two movies by the title 'Fresh' available.  One features Samuel L. Jackson, the other Joel Salatin.  For today, I'll focus on the farm one.

Part of our responsibility as stewards of the Earth is to respect the design of Nature.

- Joel Salatin

'Fresh' begins with a quick look at some current farming practices and the effects it has on animals and the resulting food.  Then, the movie transitions to feature some small farms choosing to raise animals and produce food in a humane, earth-conscious way.  

There is no such thing as cheap food.  The real cost of the food is paid somewhere and if it isn't paid at the cash register, (...) it's charged to the environment, it's charged to the public purse in the form of subsidies and it's charged to your health.

- Michael Pollan

At just over an hour, 'Fresh' was a quick reminder as to why we are farming as we do.  Even our little farm makes a difference.  It makes a difference to our cattle, pigs, turkeys and chickens as well as to our family and yours.  And that makes it worth it!  I wish I would have watched this movie years ago and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who eats. ;)


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