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book ::: The Compassionate Carnivore


Catherine Friend presents a look at her thought process behind eating meat as a consumer and as a farmer.  She took up farming a few years ago and has learned many lessons along the way.  She infuses a lot of humor into her stories and this book was a quick read.  Like Safran Foer in Eating Animals, Friend encourages consumers to seek out food that is produced in a manner with which they agree.  She reminds there are important considerations in not only how an animal lives, but also in how the animal dies.  

One scenario that really resonated with me was when she describes how difficult it is to butcher an animal you have cared for and tended for months.  Yet, she also delves into how grateful she is for the experience of raising the animals and then providing safe, nourishing food for others.  

In meeting many of our customers as they picked up their turkeys last fall, I remember several comments about the animals as we toured the farm.  Our customers had read about or seen videos or news pieces on industrial-raised animals.  They couldn't unlearn what they knew about how the animals were being raised in such ways and were seeking an alternative.  Here at Synergistic Acres, our customers saw how they wanted the animals that became their food to be raised.  They saw the animals were busy, curious and content.  They saw our animals engaging in traditional behaviors.  Friend recounts a similar experience in her book.  She was very affected by seeing a factory-raised pig at a fair.  

In Compassionate Carnivore, Friend not only shares her experience, but offers a few ideas of what you can do.  Her ideas are quite do-able and realistic.  I love her tips on what to do when you visit a farmer (especially the cookie part).  She lists some great questions to ask when you visit a farm in your quest for better food.  If you're inspired to visit a farm after reading this book, give us a call, we'd love to have you!

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