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book ::: Eating Animals

From the title, you might not know if the slant of this book is for or against eating meat. Turns out, it is neither, but instead, a challenging look at what eating animals entails. Jonathan Safran Foer asks the reader to become more educated about what it means to eat meat and to decide what impact you are willing to incur. His style reminds me of Barbara Kingsolver in that he buffers research with anecdotal stories.

Being quite graphic in sharing his experiences, I found this book at times difficult to read. Yet, quite real and a good reminder of why our animals are raised in a much different environment than those generally portrayed in Eating Animals.  This book has bolstered my committment to purchasing meat and dairy products that are produced in line with my values.  It's not an easy task to do, but I believe it is important and worthwhile.

Thank you to our customer, Leon, for suggesting this book to us!

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