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our first big garden

When moving to the farm, Jeff and I discussed big plans for the garden.  For me, I love the idea of a garden, but find it challenging to add tending the garden into our routines on a daily basis.  I love fresh produce though, so I definitely wanted to try again, especially as the girls are getting older, which makes it more manageable for me.  We'd planted gardens several years in the city, but had not been overly successful with it. 

On the farm though, we wanted to put the land to use and lessen our dependence on grocery stores and markets.  We saved seeds, ordered seeds, started seeds indoors and bought some starts from a neighbor.  We battled grasshoppers, lack of rain, a neighbor's overspray and a long chore list that limits the time we have for the garden.  Jeff tends to watering throughout the day and has been known to squish squash bugs by flashlight.  We like to work in the garden in the evening as it's not so blazing hot then.

the excitement of seed starting, the joy of sprouts, the agony of overspray damage, the pleasure of a day's bounty!And so far, we have a great garden this year!  We have several sections : corn, squash, tomato, pepper, pumpkins and more pumpkins, melons and greens.  We planted enough to have produce for us and our animals as they benefit from it as well.  We harvest a fair amount of food nearly every day.  My favorites are the tomatoes and cucumbers (mixed with onion and balsamic vinegar!).  I am super excited about the melons that are growing.  I'd be so excited to harvest a watermelon from the garden!

How about you, how does your garden grow this year?

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