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Spring Break -- Time to Get Chores Done


I have a long list of chores to get done on the farm during my Spring Break week.  Luckily, my ankle is on the mend and I should be able to get alot done.

 Here is a glimpse at the Farms Project list.

  • Build Pasture Pens for broilers. Will need 12 total this season.  Must have 4 Done before May.  These are the pens designed to allow us to safely grow our young chickens on pastures while giving them fresh new grass each day.  


  • Get brooder ready for chicks arriving this week.  This means cleaning them out, removing old straw that has been composting since last chicks were there, checking and prepping heat lamps, waters and feeders - adding new bedding and checking that they are secure from predators.

  • Repair yard and seed where new septic system was installed this Winter. 

Attempted this early in the week, but this is what happens when you try to work when it is toooo wet!


  • Prep garden beds for planting.  

  • Begin work on "eggmobile."  This is the mobile hen house that will be rotated through the fields and allow the hens to free range on fresh forage.

  • Start green house for garden area.  This will be a 12' x 20' greenhouse to allow us to plant more vegetables and extend our growing season. 

  • Hang porch swing.  This was an exciting birthday present for Laura and she is eagerly awaiting the chance to rest in it while watching the sunset over the pastures. 

  •  Hang childrens swing.  Another present that is awaiting installation to begin enjoyment.  

  • Soil Test pastures and garden so that we can make decisions on nutrient amendments.  

  • Fix locks on various barn doors to make them easier to use. 

  • Cut firewood (just in case winter isn't completely over)

  • Make a trek over to frog pond on neighboring property.  We can hear what sounds like 1,000,000 frogs and would be interested to see what "a million" frogs look like.  

  • Have friends come and visit.

  • Clear large rock/dirt pile left in the pasture from earlier work.

  • Begin incubating new chicken eggs,  these will be Buckeyes.  A rare heritage breed known for being able to forage on pasture well and producing amazingly nutritious and delicious eggs --- as well as being exceptional mousers.

  • Watch movie with wife.  

  • Update website blog

  • Write guest blog post for farm-dreams.com

  • Prep room for temporary home for cats we will be adopting.  


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Reader Comments (1)

Wow, I think I am worn out just from reading that list! I'm glad you are including some down time in there, and I think you definitely deserve to relax and enjoy yourself when you "watch movie with wife"!

March 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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