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Why buy organic, summed up

Tonight, I came across an excerpt from Mark Keating's article "Transition" in Acres USA September 2011 edition.  He states, "The good news is that organic agriculture with its inherent foundation in the integrity and stability of the natural order affords us the surest path to correct the destructive practices of industrialized food production and protect the earth's life-nurturing properties."

And THAT is why I want to buy organic, naturally produced food and materials.  It's not only better for our bodies, it's better for the plants.  It's better for the animals.  It's better for our Earth.  And those are darn good reasons.  Mr. Keating sums up why to buy organic so succinctly, in a manner I've not heard before.

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Sometimes, I consider the impact of making an organic purchase, such as chicken.  Egotistically, I think about myself and family, believing naturally-raised chicken to be more healthy, more nourishing to our bodies.  Then, I think about the chicken and the better quality of its life as it explored pastures free range.  I think of the inputs and materials to raise the chicken and how sustainable they are in regards to our Earth's future.  I decide that buying organic is not just about the taste or the health benefits or the impact on the land, but rather all of those reasons together.  I am excited to make greater contributions to 'the integrity and stability of the natural order.'



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