Synergistic Acres is lovingly managed by Jeff and Laura Hamons along with the help of their beautiful daughters. The farm is located in Parker, KS a pleasant 45 minute drive from Kansas City.  

The journey to owning a farm was not what you might consider a normal path to farming.  We did not grow up on a farm or even have any farmers in our known heritage.  Instead, our path to farming comes from a strong belief in the importance of people having access to healthy food and wanting to make that more accessible to people living in the Kansas City Area.

One of the reasons we have chosen to focus our efforts on the farm in growing meat instead of vegetables or other farm produce is the belief we have that animals can be raised humanely and happily and that farming does not have to involve the cruel and thoughtless care that many farm animals live today.  We ensure that our animals live their lives in as natural an environment as we can provide on the farm and that all of the necessities for a happy life are provided for them.  This will not only grow happier animals, but also healthier animals.  Animals that are healthier when they are living are healthier when we eat them. So cows are fed only grass and live their entire lives on pasture.  Pigs are given a mixture of woods and pasture in large paddocks so they can live and breed in a natural environment.  Our laying hens are allowed to free range in the pastures all day long filling up on nutritious and delicious insects and bugs.  

photograph by Allison Corrin French

Synergistic Acres - 21733 Iliff Rd, Parker, KS 66072 - 913-735-4769
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